Commercial Landscape Maintenance for Gig Harbor Businesses


Businesses that will not settle for anything less than the most professional commercial landscape maintenance services in Gig Harbor, WA should turn to Nasim & Sons, Inc.!

Since setting up the company in 1998, we have worked hard to prove our exceptional skills in landscape and lawn service. If you want your company's premises to reflect positively on your business and always look its best, let us take care of your commercial landscape maintenance work.

Installation of commercial landscaping calls for a significant financial investment, and its proper upkeep is necessary to make sure that all that money does not go to waste.

Commercial landscape maintenance also helps Gig Harbor businesses:

  • Make a good impression on clients and business associates
  • Impress and retain employees
  • Increase resale value of the property

We understand this and always strive to deliver excellent commercial landscape maintenance services.

Commercial Landscaping Services for Gig Harbor HOA and Apartments


Our commercial landscaping services are also available for multi-family properties. We are proud to be the preferred choice of apartment building managers and HOA presidents for commercial landscaping maintenance in Gig Harbor.

We provide a multitude of services to help businesses and housing societies make their property look inviting and professional with well-kept lawns and landscapes. The many commercial landscape maintenance tasks we perform include:

  • Lawn service and flower bed maintenance
  • Shrub and tree care
  • Weed control and fertilization
  • Irrigation system maintenance
  • Outdoor lighting maintenance
  • Yard cleanup

HOAs and apartment complexes can sign up for ongoing commercial landscape maintenance programs or even hire us for one-time maintenance work for their commercial landscaping.

Professional Lawn Service to Maintain Gig Harbor Commercial Property


We take pleasure in offering highly professional lawn service to help Gig Harbor businesses flaunt lush green and well-manicured turf on their property.

A lackluster and patchy lawn can mar the beauty of even the most imaginatively designed landscape. On the other hand, a well-kept lawn and plants can brighten up even a simple landscape design. Nobody understands this better than our lawn service experts!

Ensure a healthy turf on your business property by hiring our lawn service. We send seasoned technicians for lawn mowing service and more. They make sure your grass is:

  • Mowed at the right intervals
  • Cut to the right height
  • Kept free of weeds and pests
  • Properly watered and fertilized

Call Nasim & Sons, Inc. to discuss your commercial landscaping maintenance needs in Gig Harbor. Dial (253) 777-3881.