Backflow Testing for Puyallup Residential and Commercial Property


Water is the most important thing to anything that has life. May it be people, trees, plants, animals, acres of land or pastures, water is a necessity.

As much as water helps in keeping people, animals and plants alive, contaminated water will definitely cause serious damage or effect that can lead to sickness or even loss of life.

Nasim & Sons Inc. offers residents of Puyallup with Washington State Department of Health certified backflow testing services to insure that water will not be contaminated due to backflows.

We will conduct a thorough backflow test that flows in your taps, shower, sprinklers and more.

Call us now to ensure that your water system is running smoothly and continuously supplies you with clean and uncontaminated water.

Backflow Testing for Puyallup Residents


People of all age drink water; it is a necessity not only for drinking but also for many chores in any household or establishments. Contaminated water is harmful and must be prevented at all times.

Nasim & Sons Inc. is equipped with the right tools to conduct backflow testing. Puyallup residents can avail of our services to insure that they are not endangered with water contamination.

We will check parts of your water system and conduct backflow testing to ensure that there is no air gap in your water pipes which is usually the common cause of backflows.

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Reduce the Risk of Contamination with Backflow Testing in Puyallup


It is true that prevention is cure. In cases of water backflows, backflow testing reduces the risks of contamination.

With reduced risk of water contamination, you will also ensure highly-reduced risks in any health issues that can be caused by contaminated water.

This is not only beneficial to human beings but also to your pets, plants, trees or vegetation in your property. It also has its benefits for cooking, washing the dishes or laundry or for cleaning purposes.

We can provide you with great results that will assure your safety from any water contamination.

Professional Backflow Tester Company for Puyallup Property Owners


Nasim & Sons Inc. is your professional backflow tester company. We have the right tools to conduct backflow testing and ensure that you have safe, clear and pure water for your family and household.

All Puyallup property owners will have peace-of-mind from knowing that their water is safe from any contamination.

Get in touch with us and let us provide you with safe water for daily use by ensuring that your water is free from any contamination due to backflow issues at 253-777-3881 .