Lawn Care Services for Planting Grass Seed and Over Seeding Lawns


Do you notice uneven grass in your Tacoma lawn or some insects lurking in the grass blades?

Does your lawn require more and more water and still not looking healthy enough? These are all signs that your lawn needs grass seeding or over seeding.

Nasim & Sons Inc. provides planting grass seed services to our customers from Tacoma and surrounding communities.

Grass seeding will improve the thickness, health and color of your grass.

Over seeding lawns also reduce the need for more fertilizer and prevents your lawn from any disease and remove the possibility of your lawn to be prone to insects. Call us now for your grass seeding needs.

Grass Seeding for Tacoma Residential and Business Landscaping


A wonderful lawn may need additional grass seeding to grow a healthy, fresh green grass. Abundance of grass in any landscaping adds value to the property, aside from the flattering view that it presents to any landscaping.

Grass seeding improves the wellness and appearance of any type of grass in your Tacoma residential and business landscaping.

Nasim & Sons Inc. offers our Tacoma clients with grass seeding services that will enhance the thickness and improves the health of grass in your landscaped areas, while taking into account the best type of grass that is suited in your region and can outlive the changes in season.

Over Seeding for Fuller Lawns in Tacoma


There are things to consider before you have any over seeding lawn services done in your Tacoma yards. Timing is the number one thing that you need to take into consideration for any over seeding lawn or new grass seeding project.

The best time for planting grass and over seeding your lawn will be during late summer or early fall.

The atmospheric temperature favors the optimum seed growth and weed competition is much less at this time of the year.

Over seeding lawn’s when planting grass for the first time will develop healthier and fuller grass that will be ready in time for the cooler weather during the winter.

Call Nasim & Sons Inc. for planting grass seed and over seeding your lawns in Tacoma.

Lawn Care and Planting Grass Seed to Enhance Tacoma Landscaping


Beautiful landscaping is not complete without the ever fresh and full green grass. Nasim & Sons Inc. offers lawn care and planting grass seed services to enhance all business and residential Tacoma landscaping.

We will test the soil in your lawn and provide you with the most suitable type of grass that will complement your landscaping.

Call us now for all your lawn care, over seeding and grass seeding needs to bring your Tacoma landscaping to its best appearance and health at 253-777-3881 .