Professional Landscape Designer for Tacoma Home and Business


Landscape design and consultation starts with meeting you on your project site to discuss your ideas, your goals, and vision for your space.

We help you narrow your focus to exactly what you are attempting to achieve by implementing all aspects into a well thought out design that will be sustainable for many years to come.

Nasim & Sons Inc. are aware of the many inclusions involved in landscape design such as environmental sustainability, aesthetics, horticulture, landscape planning and garden design.

Many components need to be considered including but not limited to climate, drainage, irrigation, functionality, features, lighting and furnishings. Nasim & Sons Inc. offers our Gig Harbor and Tacoma clients with landscape design that is tailor-fit to their budget, property orientation and landscape design preferences.

We also have a professional landscape designer who will provide you the best designs of how the landscaping will look like in real life that will be appropriate for your home. Call us now for your appointment.

Landscape Design Company for Gig Harbor Commercial and Residential Property


Nasim & Sons Inc. is your landscape design company that will surely meet or exceed your expectations when it comes to any landscape design for your Gig Harbor commercial and residential property.

There is no big or small, simple or elaborate landscape design that we cannot create, install or construct.

May it be for your front yard, back yard, patios, functional areas or garden, our team of professional landscape designers will provide you an overwhelming design that you just usually see in pictures.

With Nasim & Sons Inc., your dream landscape design will be a reality that you and your guests will admire.

Landscape Designer Services for Tacoma Residents


Do you have a vacant area in your yard that is bare and boring? Are you considering turning your bare yard into a wonderful landscape but have no idea what design would be the best to turn it into an interesting place within your property?

Nasim & Sons Inc. provides landscape designer services to Tacoma residents.

We focus in customer satisfaction and take into consideration the desired look or outcome of the landscape area that our valued Tacoma resident customer prefers.

We will get your point of view, and explain the details of landscape designs to ensure that we will arrive in a conformed decision with the best landscape design for your property.

Why should Gig Harbor residents choose us for landscape design?


Nasim & Sons Inc. has been providing excellent landscape design to our valued customers in Gig Harbor and surrounding areas for more than 19 years and counting.

We have landscape designers who understand the basics and complexity of landscaping who will surely provide you with the design that meets your desired outcome.

We are committed to customer satisfaction, and provide you with a landscape design that fits your budget while taking into account the overall quality of your landscaping project.

Call us now for all your landscape design needs and let us show you how to turn the vacant area in your yard into a relaxing and beautiful landscape at 253-777-3881 .