Irrigation Sprinklers Design and Installation


Nasim & Sons Inc. with more than 19 years of professional services in lawn care and lawn maintenance also provides complete irrigation sprinklers installation to our valued Sumner customers.

Irrigation sprinklers installation is a binding process in keeping your Bonney Lake commercial or residential lawn, garden or plantation in great health.

Watering plants is an enjoyable task but with a wide area to cover, it will become a strenuous job. With an irrigation system properly and evenly installed for your Sumner commercial and residential lawns, you are assured that your plants, grass and trees will stay looking fresh and healthy all year round.

Irrigation sprinklers installation is not just for the sole reason of water management for your Bonney Lake commercial or residential lawn. It also gives an engaging view to onlookers.

There are many types of sprinkler nozzles designs to improve water flow that also produce a great fountain-like effect that will definitely compliment your lawn, as well as provide an efficient way of irrigating the landscape.

Nasim & Sons Inc. provides irrigation sprinklers installation of various types of design and efficiently lays it out across your yard to appropriately cover all areas without over soaking your wonderfully landscaped lawns.

Irrigation Sprinkler Sumner Bonney Lake


Nasim & Sons Inc. provides irrigation sprinklers installation, with repair and maintenance to Sumner and Bonney Lake commercial and residential lawns. Our valued customers never have to go far for all of their irrigation system needs.

We conduct a thorough and in-depth irrigation water use survey to ensure efficiency and functionality of the best irrigation system that is tailor-fit to areas of your lawn that will be covered.

Irrigation System Installation Sumner and Beyond


For over 19 years of providing service excellence in irrigation systems for our Sumner customers, Nasim & Sons Inc. also extended our irrigation sprinklers installation services to places beyond Sumner.

Our highly-experienced irrigation sprinkler experts will work diligently to make your ideal lawn into a reality.

Having wonderful and professionally maintained surroundings provides not only a great scenic view for Bonney Lake residents, but also promotes a healthy environment.

It is our greatest goal to make all of surroundings healthy and efficiently maintained, making all our customers’ commercial and residential lawns beautiful and completely nurtured.

Contact us today about an irrigation system that is right for your lawn at 253-777-3881 .