Lawn Sod Installation for Quick Tacoma Landscaping


Sod installation is the process of laying sods in establishing new lawns. It is installed on top of soil and with proper maintenance and care; it will greatly be an asset to your Tacoma and Federal Way lawns.

Nasim & Sons Inc. offers lawn sod installation or grass sod installation to all commercial or residential property owners in Tacoma and Federal Way.

Grass sod aids in quick landscaping and making your area ready in a short period of time. We have the knowledge and over 19 years of experience with sod installation and with our expertise, our customers can expect the best service that is focused on customer satisfaction.

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Lawn Sod for Tacoma Business and Residential Landscaping


Laying sod to create new lawns is by far more advantageous than manual seeding, as it produces immediate results after completion.

Nasim & Sons Inc. provides lawn sod installation for Tacoma business and residential landscaping.

Our service includes preparation of the soil up to completion of laying lawn sods in your landscape.

We have a team of efficient and skilled workers who will ensure proper lawn sod installation that produce an immediate wonderful result, making your Tacoma business and residential landscaping beautifully green and vibrant looking.

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Sod Installation for Tacoma Yards


Sod installation produces immediate results upon completion of installation. Customers can enjoy the vibrant appearance of their Tacoma yards right away, giving them more time for hosting events or an afternoon tea.

Nasim & Sons Inc. offers our customers with sod installation services for their Tacoma yards, may it be small or large yard with elevations and curves, and we can install sods with the same picture perfect outcome that greatly makes your commercial or residential property more appealing.

We can work on your sod installation from soil preparation up to completion of laying sods or simply install sods if you had your soil ready for the installation.

Why Federal Way chooses grass sod for beautiful lawns.


Federal Way commercial and residential lawn owners prefer grass sod for the reason that it provides an immediate result giving you an instant lawn right after grass sod installation.

You can choose the grass type and see the outcome right before your eyes.

Nasim & Sons Inc. offers our customers in Federal Way sod installation services. There is no small or big area that won’t benefit from grass sod.

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