Lawn Thatching and Aerating Services for Gig Harbor Residents


Lawn maintenance is not a one day task; it involves many types of maintenance such as lawn thatching and lawn aerating.

Thatch can be harmful to your grass, regardless of what type of grass you have on your Gig Harbor commercial or residential lawn.

Lawn thatching will ensure the growth of your grass and leaving you a beautiful and vibrant lawn. Lawn aerating on the other hand, lessens soil compaction, greatly improves fertilizer accessibility to your lawn and promotes fresh air and healthy turf.

Nasim & Sons Inc. will provide you with lawn maintenance as if it is our own lawn.

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Lawn Thatching Gig Harbor


Just like any plants, grass also needs sunlight, air and water to keep it healthy and fresh. We provide our clients from Gig Harbor with lawn thatching services to either maintain their turf or rehabilitate a lawn that has been neglected or forgotten.

Thatch prevents proper amount of sunlight, air and water to penetrate to the soil and provide nutrients to the grass, and it is also destructive to plant roots.

With lawn thatching, we make sure that your grass will be able to breathe and stay healthy all throughout the growing season.

For all your Gig Harbor lawn thatching requirements, Nasim & Sons Inc. is the professional lawn maintenance company that you can count on.

Lawn Aerating Service


Lawn aeration helps in letting out stale carbon dioxide and letting in oxygen into the soil, ensuring the growth of healthy grass. We provide lawn aerating services to Gig Harbor commercial and residential lawns.

We have top-of-the-line equipment and highly-efficient contractors to make your lawn a healthy, fresh and green lawn.

Our lawn aerating service will greatly improve nutrients uptake for your grass, ensure growths of new roots, prevents soil compaction and even increase the rate of water infiltration into the soil and improves drainage.

Gig Harbor commercial and residential lawns will greatly benefit from our lawn aerating service, call us now for a quote on lawn aerating services.

Lawn Maintenance Thatching Aerating


Lawn maintenance is like an investment as it adds great value to your Gig Harbor commercial or residential property. There are many ways to care for your lawn such as thatching and aerating. The process of thatching and aerating as part of your lawn maintenance will greatly improve the health of your grass, keeping it fresh and beautiful all throughout the year.

Nasim & Sons Inc. are experts in all types of lawn maintenance including thatching and aerating. We understand the entire lawn maintenance system.

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