Retaining Wall and Patio Installation for Steilacoom Home and Business


Is your lot unevenly elevated?

Do you have an area that you want to turn into a lovely patio? Nasim & Sons Inc. has been in the landscaping business for over 19 years and counting and we know that to maximize any commercial or residential lawn landscapes picturesque view, it also necessitates hardscapes.

We also provide our Steilacoom clients with retaining wall installation, patio installation and paver stones.

We have an artistically creative team who will provide you with retaining wall installation or patio installation with vision and style, giving any house or infrastructure a symmetry with the hardscape designs to make it look more elegant.

Retaining Wall Installation Retaining Walls


We provide retaining wall installation for all commercial or residential projects.

With retaining walls, our clients never have to worry about any soil sliding on any pavements and form dirt, and it also helps to keep planted plants or flowers on the elevated portions of your lawn intact.

Nasim & Sons Inc. offers many retaining walls design to meet the preferences of our Steilacoom clients that will surely add elegance to your commercial or residential property.

Call us now to choose the best designs for your retaining walls and for all your retaining wall installation requirements.

Patio Installation Services for Steilacoom


Do you have a bare space on your Steilacoom property? We can turn your Steilacoom bare space or bare area in your lawn into a functional patio. We have a skilled and creative team to provide you with any type of patio installation services to dress up any existing space in your Steilacoom property.

Nasim & Sons Inc. has the tools and over 19 years of knowledge and experience to turn your patio into a stylish gathering area with our patio installation services.

Paver Stones for Patios or Retaining Walls


Nasim & Sons Inc. offers paver stones for patios and retaining walls to give your patio or retaining walls that distinctive appearance that greatly adds beauty to your landscaping and patios.

We also have a creative team who can design the paver stones in patterns that are pleasing to the eyes and adds positive overall impact to your patio or retaining walls.

With our paver stone for patios or retaining walls services, walking in your patios will never be boring and your retaining walls will look interesting and keeps the soil from sliding onto your pavements or on the wonderfully cut and maintained lawn.

Call Nasim & Sons Inc. at 253-777-3881 for paver stones for your patios and retaining walls design.