Sustainable Landscape Designs and Management Services


Nasim & Sons Inc. has been providing landscaping services to our clients in Puyallup and Bonney Lake, WA for over 19 years now.

We are focused with sustainable landscape designs whenever we create or install any landscape.

Some of the important factors that we take into consideration are:

  • the climate change
  • air pollution
  • water shortages and drought,
  • health of the soil
  • the use of pesticides, and fertilizers
  • usage of energy and management of water that was brought by storms


We have the knowledge, experience, skills and equipment to design a sustainable landscape.

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Sustainable Landscape Designs for Puyallup Residents


Creating sustainable landscape designs are just one of the many services that we specializing in. All residents of Puyallup can expect cost effective and environmental friendly landscapes from our sustainable landscape designs.

We are dedicated to provide customer satisfaction and we are committed in preserving Mother Nature’s wellness. With our sustainable landscape design, residents of Puyallup will benefit from:

  • reduced labor cost
  • fertilizer and water costs
  • conserve water
  • reduced erosion
  • increase capacity of soil in holding-in water that promotes healthy plants that are resistant to disease


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Sustainable Landscape Designs and Solutions for Bonney Lake


It is true that having a well maintained and adorable landscaping in any commercial and residential area, adds great value to the property. However it is also proven to be costly trying to maintain the appearance and health of any gorgeous landscaping.

Nasim & Sons Inc. is aware of all the hard work and expenses that are related to landscaping, with this, we are offering our customers from Bonney Lake with our sustainable landscape designs and solutions. We value your hard earned money and we are dedicated in providing all our Bonney Lake residents with the most cost-effective sustainable landscape designs that is at par with any standards.

Cost-Efficient, Functional and Attractive Sustainable Landscape Designs


Landscaping is not only for the rich people; any commercial or residential lawn owners can expect the most functional and attractive sustainable landscape designs that is truly cost-efficient from our services.

Nasim & Sons Inc. will provide you with a sustainable landscape design that meets your design preferences and most importantly, we will ensure that it greatly fits your budget.

Call us today and let us help you save money and aid in preserving Mother Earth while enjoying the beauty of your landscaped property at 253-777-3881 .