Tree Pruning and Tree Care Services for Federal Way Residents


Do you have a preference in plants and trees that you want to be planted in your commercial or residential Federal Way yards?

Not to worry, Nasim & Sons Inc. will be there to provide you what you need with any tree service or tree pruning and tree care services that you require.

We know how plants and trees can complement the overall landscape of your Federal Way commercial or residential property.

We will not only assist in planting, we will also provide you with tree care services such as tree pruning to keep the health, aesthetics and life span of your trees.

Tree Service Federal Way


Tree care or maintenance is a dangerous task and definitely not an easy job. Consider the size, height and location of the tree if you are planning on trimming or pruning your Federal Way commercial or residential trees.

We offer professional tree service to our Federal Way clients. We have over 19 years of experience, knowledge, skills and equipment to do any tree service that you may require.

We will keep your trees in tip-top shape and ensure that it is not hazardous to passerby or a threat to your landscaping.

We will examine the tree thoroughly to avoid cutting any branch that can affect its growth.

Tree Pruning * Tree Installation Federal Way


To keep the health and assure growth of your Federal Way commercial or residential trees, tree pruning must be done on a regular basis as part of tree care and maintenance. Nasim & Sons Inc. provides our clients from Federal Way and surrounding areas with tree pruning and tree installation services.

With our proficient services, you need not to worry about how to install and maintain trees in your yard; all you have to do is choose your preferred tree or trees and we install it, even more so, we will also provide you with our efficient tree pruning services to ensure the life span, wellness and aesthetics of your trees.

Tree Care Services and Installation


Trees help in promoting clean and fresh air in addition to its complimentary appearance in any commercial or residential landscaping. Nasim & Sons Inc. offers tree care services and Installation.

We have more than 19 years of expert and efficient know-how that will surely be beneficial for all our commercial or residential clients who wish to have trees be installed in their yards.

Leave it to Nasim & Sons Inc. to install trees of your choice and care and maintain it all throughout the year with the ever changing seasons. Call us now at 253-777-3881 for an appointment.