Artificial Grass Kent


If you are a home or business owner in Kent dealing with the time and resources of lawn maintenance, you may be interested in the option of an artificial grass installation.

As a premier full-service landscaping company, we create and maintain magnificent natural lawns and landscapes, as well as installations of artificial grass to transform challenging yards that are too labor intensive to maintain.

In addition to transformations of full yards, there are a wide variety of other uses:

  • Carpeting outdoor dining spaces
  • Play areas for children
  • Balconies, rooftop decks and patios
  • Spectacular entrances for homes and businesses
  • Garden décor
  • Pool and spa surrounds
  • Putting greens
  • Decorative areas between pavers
  • Sports fields

Our creative design team and experienced construction team can reshape landscapes with complicated and intriguing shapes and designs considered difficult to mow if created naturally.

Call us today to schedule a consultation to discuss beautiful ideas for reshaping your landscape with innovative methods that can last for many years.

Artificial Turf Kent


With incredibly creative design and construction teams we can help you reap the benefits from an artificial turf installation in Kent!

What makes artificial turf so special? These are a few of its benefits and advantages:

  • Environmentally responsible
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Incredible durability
  • An ideal surface for high traffic areas
  • Extremely safe for children and pets
  • Maintenance cost savings
  • Outstanding alternative to a natural lawn for victims of allergies
  • No watering, mowing or fertilizing
  • Perfect for challenging barren areas within your landscape
  • Can be installed in most areas including balconies and rooftop creations
  • Resale value increase
  • Remains green year-round

We do remind potential clients of the importance of working with reputable manufacturers and highly-experienced installers who, like us, are committed to sound installation practices for long-term reliability and durability.

Call to schedule a consultation at which time you can discuss your ideas with our creative design team to begin the process of developing a magnificent landscape.

Kent Synthetic Grass


We welcome the opportunity of demonstrating how a custom design with synthetic grass can accentuate your home or business landscape and garden spaces in Kent.

While some clients have installed an entire small yard, as design professionals of magnificent landscapes, we can also create dynamic aesthetics by using the limitless design flexibility of synthetic grass to form interesting shapes, such as:

  • Beautifully curved borders around floral gardens and along stone walkways
  • Carefully planned placement of asymmetrical sections throughout the landscape
  • Tight curves and random geometric shapes in harmony with plantings retaining boulders and walls
  • Hillsides, berms, mounds and other unique contours that are difficult to manage with lawn mowers and maintenance equipment

Once you have an opportunity to experience the resiliency, durability and genuinely beautiful appearance, as well as time and money savings and weekends free of work, you will wonder why it took so long to make a decision!

Call Nasim Landscape, the experts in your area, to learn how you can achieve a perfectly stunning landscape! 253-988-0165