Artificial Grass Sumner


Tired of spending every weekend mowing you lawn? Looking for an easier way to have a full, lush green lawn surrounding your Sumner, WA home? Artificial grass may be the way to achieve that.

Many residents in the area have busy lives that don't include lawn care as part of their schedule. Nasim Landscape can install artificial grass for you at an extremely reasonable cost. Have nothing but dirt in your yard? No problem! Artificial grass installs well over dirt and even over concrete! You will actually be saving money because:

  • You no longer have to pay someone to mow your lawn
  • No more money is spent on chemicals and fertilizer
  • Your water bill will be reduced

Call us if you are curious and want to learn more about artificial grass and the benefits of having it installed at your residence. You can also ask neighbors and friends how much they enjoy their artificial grass.

Artificial Turf Sumner


Your Sumner lawn can look full and green year-round if you have artificial turf installed. Sports fields are not the only thing that have artificial grass! It is available for home use, also. Even if you have a tiny yard that refuses to produce a crop of green grass, you can remedy that quickly by calling us to install artificial turf at a low price.

We can even install it in certain patchy sections of your lawn without having to do the whole yard. Why choose artificial turf? Because it is:

  • A great solution for a lawn that just won't grow
  • Affordable
  • Virtually maintenance-free

Save your spare time for fun things that don't involve lawn care. Have us install artificial turf at your Sumner residence and get your time - and green grass - back.

Sumner Synthetic Grass


Does the term 'synthetic grass' bring to mind the coarse, prickly substance that outdoor 'grass' carpet is made of? It may have meant only that at one time, but not any more!

If you were to drive around your Sumner neighborhood, you might not be able to tell which lawn is real and which one is artificial. Call us to see samples of artificial turf and learn about:

  • How little it can cost you
  • Our free estimates
  • The benefits of synthetic grass vs. a real lawn

We will be happy to discuss options for your yard, as well as our guarantees concerning synthetic grass.

Call us, Nasim Landscape, for a free inspection and estimate on artificial grass for your Sumner home. Reach us at (253) 988-0165.