Ice Melt Gig Harbor


Snowstorms are not common in the Pacific Northwest. However, there are times when you find yourself in need of specialized ice control or de-icing services even in this region. Place a call to Nasim Landscape if you are looking for ice melt solutions in Gig Harbor, WA or its nearby areas.

We offer ice melt applications and de-icing services for residential as well as commercial properties. The purpose of our ice melt solutions is to weaken the bond of snow with the pavement so that it gets easier to shovel away.

To assure our customers of the best possible de-icing results, we strive to use the ice melt products that are:

  • Of good quality
  • Relatively safe for the vegetation and plants
  • Fast acting
  • Made to leave minimal residue

Call us right now to discuss your de-icing requirements and the most suitable ice melt solutions for your Gig harbor property.

Ice Control Gig Harbor


Formation of a layer of ice is probably one of the worst and dangerous things to happen in a parking lot, on the driveway or on a sidewalk. Get in touch with us for ice control measures in your Gig Harbor property if you do not want the paved surfaces in or around to become hazardous due to accumulation of snow or ice.

Our ice control services help you take an effective protective action to keep your property ice-free when the temperatures drop below freezing point. Instead of resorting to post-snowfall de-icing, opting for our preventive ice control treatment keeps everyone on your premises safe and limits your exposure to injury claims.

You can trust us for ice control application done:

  • By well-trained and seasoned technicians
  • In adequate quantity
  • Carefully, covering all the exposed area

Gig Harbor De-icing


De-icing treatment in your home or business place is too important to be entrusted to just about any ice and snow removal contractor in your neighborhood. Delay or inefficiency in de-icing services can have quite damaging consequences for you.

Make sure to bring in the right de-icing experts. We are the trusted source for de-icing services in Gig Harbor. A family owned, service-oriented company, we:

  • Respond promptly to all calls for de-icing services
  • Deliver highly professional ice melt and ice control services
  • Develop a customized de-icing plan for every property
  • Work hard to protect the best interests of our client

For timely, effective and safe de-icing services in the Gig Harbor area, call Nasim Landscape at (253) 988-0165.

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