Ice Melt Puyallup


While you love the cold winter months snuggling inside with a hot cup of coffee, they can be harsh on your property and landscape. Not only does the ice makes the surfaces slippery making it difficult to walk, it also devoid the landscape of its greenery and freshness.

You need thorough de-icing and ice control services to make your home and commercial establishment accessible. This is where Nasim Landscape comes in to provide ice melt services in Puyallup, WA.

An established company offering ice melt and ice control services for a long time, we use products that are suitable to the:

  • Prevailing weather conditions
  • Temperatures
  • Facility materials
  • We understand that different ice melt formulas have different melting points and that they react differently to vegetation and the concrete surfaces. We use only the required quantities of the formulas as overuse not only adds to the cost but is not environment friendly as well.

Ice control Puyallup


As weather is unpredictable in these parts of the country, you need to be prepared in advance to ensure your safety and that of your family, employees, guests and customers. Being in touch with an experienced company that offers emergency ice control services will be a good idea.

Do not wait for tons of ice and snow to build up on your driveway. Get de-icing and ice control services from us in Puyallup to:

  • Prevent hazardous falls
  • Have easy accessibility
  • Skid-free driveways and sidewalks

We understand that no two properties and clients are similar. For this reason, we provide customized ice control services depending upon your area and the extent of snow buildup. Having the latest equipment and machines, we clear the pathways to make way for easy commuting.

Puyallup De-icing


Pre and post ice melt treatments on the property ensures that there would be no ice accumulation. Proper use of the suitable salts and chemicals will not let the ice stay on the surface for too long and damage it.

Therefore, choose an experienced and expert company that provides de-icing services in Puyallup using the best materials. Let us help you in de-icing your property in Puyallup using the following equipment and machines:

  • Snow plows
  • Salters
  • Loaders
  • Trucks and tractors

Know more about our services from our past clients. Pre-book your ice control and ice melt services with us to get discounts. Call Nasim Landscape at (253) 988-0165 for any ice control and de-icing services in Puyallup.