Ice Melt Tacoma

Ice Melt Tacoma


The onset of winter season creates a heavy demand for certain services from residential as well as commercial property owners. These include snow removal, ice control and de-icing services.

A forecast for snow or ice storm can make home and business owners lose their sleep, wondering about the accessibility and navigability around their property. The good news is that Nasim Landscape offers expert services for ice control and de-icing in Tacoma, WA.

That means that residents of this community can relax and sleep soundly, knowing that we are ready with ice melt solutions to come to their rescue when they call us. We have long experience in providing de-icing services and:

  • Use top-grade ice melt products for fast and effective results
  • Apply ice melt solutions carefully only on required areas
  • Avoid overuse of ice melters to prevent any property damage
  • Remove ice melt residue later on

Do not hesitate to call us when you need application of ice melt on your Tacoma property to make it traversable and safe again.

Ice Control Tacoma


The de-icing services offered by us include both pre and post snowfall treatment of any property. When it comes to ice control, Tacoma residents must consider taking a proactive approach.

Do not wait until after the snowfall for de-icing. Call us ahead of time for ice control treatment of all the surfaces in your residential/commercial property, including the:

  • Driveway
  • Sidewalk
  • Walkways
  • Parking lot

This timely action prevents ice from forming and minimizes the risks of slip and fall accidents or car skidding that tend to happen during winters. We have our technicians work with high-performing anti-icer to ensure that the ice control measures in our customers’ properties are effective.

Tacoma De-icing


It can be stressful to wake up to a yard filled with snow and ice. Thankfully, our de-icing specialists are here to help. You need not worry about disruption in your family life or business after a snowstorm hits your area.

Just call us for de-icing services and get your surroundings cleared up and made safe for use within no time. We take pride in being the foremost source for de-icing services in Tacoma. We come to your rescue with:

  • Technicians rigorously trained in de-icing
  • State-of-the-art de-icing trucks and snow plowing equipment
  • A commitment to restoring your comfort and safety

Snowstorms are rare in this region. But when they do occur, call only Nasim Landscape for de-icing and ice control services in Tacoma. Dial (253) 988-0165.