Ice Removal Bellevue


Rather than draining your wallet on tools like snow blowers or plows in your garage, you could save money with our ice removal service we provide in Bellevue, WA. Our Bellevue ice removal professionals understand well what is lying under the snow and ice, your concrete driveway!

Careless plowing can lead to damaged and cracked concrete. Why not trust our Bellevue ice removal team that is composed of concrete experts? Come the spring season, with our Bellevue ice removal you will not be faced with any of those pesky concrete repair expenses.

For careful plowing at affordable costs, opt for Bellevue ice removal services with Nasim Landscape Landscaping. Get in touch with us when you are searching for:

  • Snow blower ice removal
  • Salt for ice removal
  • Ice removal company
  • Snow and ice removal near me

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Ice Melt Bellevue


The first consideration when selecting your Bellevue ice melt is to be aware of the lowest effective temperature of the product. Our Bellevue ice melt works by lowering the freezing point of water.

Each chemical compound used in our Bellevue ice melt has a different working temperature. Using a product beyond its lowest effective temperature range will result in reduced or no Bellevue ice melt.

To get the right product and outcome, rely on our Bellevue ice melt. We provide:

  • Pet safe ice melt
  • Calcium chloride ice melt
  • Ice melt salt
  • Road runner ice melt

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Parking Lot Ice Bellevue


When using our Bellevue parking lot ice removal services, you can be assured that we will only use as much anti-ice products as needed to increase cost-effectiveness and minimize salt damage to your pavement. For areas near landscaping, we will use our Bellevue parking lot ice removal service that is less harmful to plant life than is salt.

Weather permitting, you may want to pre-treat your Bellevue parking lot ice several days ahead of a storm to combat frost and freezing drizzle. To conserve resources, we spray pre-treatment liquids on parking lot traffic lanes and let car tires spread them to the parking spaces during our Bellevue parking lot ice treatment.

For cost effective Bellevue parking lot ice services, we are one of the best in the industry. We offer:

  • Treatment of parking lot
  • Anti ice parking lot service
  • Ice for treatment of parking lot
  • Parking lot ice removal from storm

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