Ice Removal Kent


Need a professional and experienced team for ice removal in your Kent, WA property? Call the experts at Nasim Landscape Landscaping. The reason we recommend that you hire us for your parking lot ice related problems is that we provide only effective solutions. The Kent ice melt methods utilized by us will be completely natural. We strive and commit to provide ice removal treatment that doesn’t damage your property.

In other words, we will not cause any damage to your landscape or structure when we work on your Kent ice removal job. If you wish to learn more about our services, then you can call us right away. We would be happy to take the time to explain the services that we provide. We can provide you with any of these Kent ice removal services at all times:

  • Road ice removal
  • Pathway ice removal
  • Sidewalk ice removal
  • Driveway ice removal

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Ice Melt Kent


We understand that when you need Kent ice melt services for your property, you want them to be quick and seamless. This too is a reason why most property owners in the area choose us to handle their parking lot ice related issues. Whether you have a small job or a large one, we will be able to finish the Kent ice removal process without any delays.

The Kent ice melt solution utilized by us can be ideal for large and small surfaces. Also, our crew members handling the process make sure that the solution is poured over only the required area. We have various Kent ice melt solutions available such as:

  • Commercial ice melt solutions
  • Residential ice melt solutions
  • Concrete ice melt solutions
  • Pet safe ice melt solutions

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Parking Lot Ice Kent


Another great thing about hiring our crew members for removing your Kent parking lot ice is that you will get results that are lasting. In other words, once we are done with your Kent ice removal job it will not appear anytime soon.

If you want our crew members to de-ice your outdoor area and help you get rid of the Kent parking lot ice present in your home or office, then we suggest you call us today for free estimates. To deal with your Kent parking lot ice we offer the following services:

  • Snow removal
  • Snow plowing
  • Blue ice removal
  • Snow blowing

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