Lakewood Ice Removal


Nasim Landscape Landscaping is the expert to rely on for ice removal from your Lakewood, WA property. The winter season brings along difficulties created by snowfall and ice accumulation in or around your property.

We offer Lakewood ice removal services to make homes and commercial establishments easily accessible during such conditions. When Nature disrupts your life, our Lakewood ice removal experts come to the rescue and restore normalcy within no time.

Our service-oriented, customer-friendly company strives to deliver effective and comprehensive ice melt solutions. We send over skilled and highly experienced technicians to carry out your Lakewood ice removal job. They are sincere, hard-working individuals and work with utmost diligence at the job at hand:

  • Ice buildup removal
  • Ice clearing
  • Snow removal
  • Ice dam removal

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Lakewood Ice Melt


It is always advisable to hire professionals for Lakewood ice melt applications. Many property owners think that they can get the ice removal done on their own by sprinkling salt or store-bought Lakewood ice melt products. Bringing in professionals seems like a needless expense to them.

Sadly, most of them realize their mistake only after wasting a lot of time and effort or suffering some damaging consequences. Aware property owners like you call us for Lakewood ice melt solutions!

Engaging our services is an assurance of seamless Lakewood ice melt application that rids your property completely of the hard ice sheets and prevent slip and fall accident. Our experts do a thorough job on all types of surfaces, including these:

  • Brick patio
  • Asphalt parking lot
  • Concrete driveway
  • Wood roof and deck
  • Stone walkway and sidewalk

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Lakewood Parking Lot Ice


Make us your first call for Lakewood parking lot ice removal services. You cannot take parking lot ice buildup lightly. Ignoring Lakewood parking lot ice could leave your business vulnerable to personal injury lawsuits by your employees or customers who fall while walking on the icy surface in front of your building or in the parking lot.

Schedule a visit by our crew to your property without delay to clear away the Lakewood parking lot ice. We are equipped to handle any big or small job. We serve a diverse clientele, removing Lakewood parking lot ice from office buildings, malls, schools, hospitals, and more.

Hire only us for these needs:

  • Parking lot de-icing
  • Ice melting in parking lot
  • Parking lot salting
  • Parking area ice control

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