Ice Removal Seattle


Households with children or senior citizens should be extra cautious during the winter season with ice removal service to avoid injuries. We provide ice removal for the region of Seattle, WA. Not only can these injuries be painful and emotional, injuries can be expensive and maybe even require time away from school or from work.

You can avoid these issues with our Seattle ice removal service. We provide winter lawn care for your property and can protect against slips and falls from walking on ice. With our Seattle ice removal expertise, you can be sure of embracing the motto that “prevention is better than cure”.

For avoiding injuries, choose Nasim Landscape Landscaping for Seattle ice removal services. With us you get:

  • Snow blower ice removal
  • Salt for ice removal
  • Ice removal company
  • Ice on sidewalk removal

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Ice Melt Seattle


Seattle ice melt treatment is generally applied in advance of snow and ice or applied on top of the already formed ice and snow. Seattle ice melt lowers the freezing point of water, preventing the buildup of ice or breaking up pre-formed ice into liquid slush.

Seattle ice melt breaks the bond between the pavement or concrete and the ice for easier removal and the future prevention of ice and snow build-up. Each type of Seattle ice melt compound will be effective in different applications when considering the product’s freezing temperature, form, shape and effect on the environment.

For Seattle ice melt of the highest quality, we are one of the best in the industry. We provide:

  • Ice salt
  • Ice melt salt
  • Roof melt
  • Road runner ice melt

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Parking Lot Ice Seattle


Wisely managing your Seattle parking lot ice during the winter season is crucial to the productivity of your facility. Our Seattle parking lot ice removal service will enable safety of those driving and walking on the parking lot surface, and keep snow and ice management costs as low as possible. One thing you can do to manage your parking lot is to pre-treat it with our Seattle parking lot ice solution before a big storm hits. Pre-treating your parking lot with our Seattle parking lot ice solution not only saves time, it also saves money.

For saving time and money, use our services since we are highly reputable for Seattle parking lot ice solutions. We offer:

  • Sidewalk ice removal
  • Parking lot ice removal
  • Iced parking lot solutions
  • Passageway ice removal

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