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So you want your property to have better curb appeal? The best way to give your commercial or residential property an instant facelift is by landscaping. The ideal landscaping company in WA is one that can offer you landscaping contractors and solutions to suit your requirements and budget. That is why Nasim& Sons, Inc. is the right choice. We offer a wide range of landscaping services that take care of your landscaping needs. No other landscaping company or landscaping contractor near Federal Way can offer such comprehensive services. Some of the services that we offer include:

  • Assistance with initial landscape design
  • Installation and maintenance of sprinkler systems
  • Landscape lighting
  • Plant and tree installation
  • Pruning and trimming
  • Hardscape installation, such as patios, retaining walls and pavers
  • Planting sod and grass seeds
  • Hydro seeding

We offer sustainable landscape services that can transform your garden into a green paradise. When it comes to landscaping companies near Federal Way, think of us and our reliable and trustworthy services.

Landscaping Services Federal Way


We at Nasim& Sons, Inc. cater to a vast range of clientele. Our landscaping company and lawn care maintenance services extend to commercial, residential and even industrial clients. We take great pride in offering affordable and reliable lawn maintenance services, and that is why we are highly sought-after. The name of our company has become synonymous with great landscaping services near Federal Way.

We believe in handling every aspect of your lawn, right from grass seed planting and sod planting to mulching, irrigation and mowing. Our landscaping services ensure that your lawn looks its best in all seasons and will make you proud.

Federal Way Landscaping Contractor


Whether you are looking for a landscaping company or landscaping contractor near Federal Way for your commercial enterprise or home, it is not a choice you can make lightly. You require a landscaping contractor who has state-of-the-art tools, expertise and experience in all aspects of landscaping services. That is why you should go with us, as we have highly trained and experienced workers who know the ins and outs of landscaping in Federal Way. We can transform your barren front yard into a thriving ecosystem with flowerbeds, trees, flowering plants, shrubs and walkways. Each time you look out of your office or home window, you will be greeted by a panoramic scene that will leave you enchanted.

If you are looking for the best landscaping contractor near Federal Way, give us a call or visit our offices in Tacoma. Our courteous and friendly staff will be more than willing to explain our landscaping services in better detail to you. When you think about a landscaping company near Federal Way, Nasim& Sons should be first in your mind!

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