Landscaping Company Steilacoom


We are a professional landscaping company specializing in landscaping services, design, construction and maintenance for residential and commercial properties.

Our design experts work directly with our clients on a specific plan, and the landscaping contractor then begins professional landscape grading and flexible excavation services allowing for proper drainage.

Ultimately our landscaping services team brings the plan to life with:

  • New lawn installation and lawn renovations
  • Hardscapes
  • Plant and tree installations
  • Efficient water-saving irrigation system installation
  • And much more

We are highly respected for our landscape design, construction and landscaping contractor services.  Call us for residential and commercial services in the Steilacoom area.

Landscaping Services Steilacoom


As a professional landscaping company we provide comprehensive services including landscape design, maintenance, construction, and residential and commercial landscaping contractor services.

Our landscaping services are broad, including but not limited to:

  • Lawn maintenance services
  • Hardscapes
  • Irrigation system installation, service and repair
  • Plant and tree installations
  • Lawn renovations
  • Overseeding and hydroseeding
  • Landscape design and maintenance

With our experience as a landscaping contractor and skilled landscaper, we blend all functional and visual components to emphasize the natural beauty and character of your residential or commercial property.

If you are ready for a transformation of your present landscape, or in need of creative custom landscape services for a new landscape design, we can provide the design elements to bring new life to your property.

Call on us as the leading landscaping company in this area providing commercial and residential services in Steilacoom.

Steilacoom Landscaping Contractor


As a professional landscaping contractor, we are the very essence of the profession that blends the art and technology of landscaping services and garden project planning, construction and landscape management for the enjoyment of the community.

Specifically, it is our experience as a residential and commercial landscaping contractor that provides the comprehensive plan for:

  • Flower beds
  • Shrubs, trees and bushes
  • Stunning hardscapes
  • Automated irrigation systems
  • Water features
  • Proper drainage sustainability
  • An outdoor lighting plan

Our first task as a landscaping company with contractor and landscaping services is to provide the vast number of landscaping options available to our clients.  Then we begin the transformation of your property based on a solid landscape design.

Call Nasim Landscape as the premier landscaping company serving Steilacoom with full landscape services and designs at affordable prices.  253-988-0165