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Welcome to Nasim Landscape, Covington's premier provider of expert lawn care services. We are committed to maintaining beautiful, healthy lawns that enhance property aesthetics and value. Our professional lawn care services ensure that your lawn remains lush and green, providing a welcoming outdoor space for you and your family.

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Why Choose Nasim Landscape in Covington?

Choosing Nasim Landscape means selecting a company with a strong reputation and proven expertise in Covington:

Extensive Experience

Our team has extensive knowledge of local lawn care challenges and solutions.

  • Local Knowledge: Understanding Covington’s unique lawn care needs.
  • Trained Professionals: Certified and experienced lawn care specialists.
  • Continued Education: Staying current with industry best practices.


We are known for delivering exceptional results and customer satisfaction.

  • Client Testimonials: Positive feedback from long-term clients.
  • Proven Track Record: Demonstrated success in maintaining beautiful lawns.
  • Community Trust: A trusted name in the Covington community.

Comprehensive Services

From routine maintenance to specialized treatments, we cover all aspects of lawn care.

  • Full-Service Lawn Care: Offering a wide range of lawn care services.
  • Custom Solutions: Tailoring services to meet your specific needs.
  • Reliable Results: Ensuring consistent, high-quality outcomes.

Customer-Centric Approach

We prioritize your needs and preferences to deliver personalized service.

  • Client Focus: Building strong relationships with our clients.
  • Transparent Communication: Keeping you informed throughout the process.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Committed to exceeding your expectations.

Access to Top-Grade Materials

We use only the highest quality materials to ensure your landscape is both durable and beautiful.

  • Sustainable Choices: Opt for eco-friendly materials that support sustainable landscaping practices.
  • Advanced Equipment: Our powerful lifting and excavation equipment ensures precise and efficient construction.
  • Skilled Crew: Our crew is skilled in all aspects of landscape installation.

Professional Designs

Our designs are tailored to reflect your brand and meet your functional needs.

  • Customized Plans: Develop landscape designs that align with your business identity.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Enhance the visual appeal of your commercial property.
  • Functional Layouts: Create functional outdoor spaces for employees and visitors.

Honest Advice

We provide transparent, honest advice to help you make informed decisions about your landscape.

  • Clear Communication: Maintain open and honest communication throughout the project.
  • Expert Recommendations: Offer professional recommendations based on your specific needs.
  • Client Education: Ensure you understand all aspects of the project and its benefits.

Attention to Detail

We focus on every detail to ensure the highest quality outcome.

  • Meticulous Planning: Plan every aspect of the project meticulously.
  • Quality Assurance: Conduct thorough quality checks during and after installation.
  • Finishing Touches: Ensure all finishing touches are perfect before project completion.

Clean and Safe Job Site

We maintain a clean and safe job site to minimize disruption and ensure safety.

  • Site Cleanliness: Keep the job site clean and organized.
  • Safety Protocols: Adhere to strict safety protocols to protect workers and clients.
  • Minimal Disruption: Minimize disruption to your business operations during installation.

Basic Focus of Our Lawn Maintenance in Covington

Our lawn maintenance services focus on key areas to ensure your lawn remains healthy and vibrant:


Providing essential nutrients to promote strong, healthy grass growth.

  • Nutrient-Rich Treatments: Applying the right nutrients at the right time.
  • Custom Schedules: Fertilization plans based on lawn needs and seasons.
  • Balanced Nutrition: Ensuring balanced nutrients for optimal growth.

Pre-emergent Weed Control

Preventing weed seeds from germinating and taking over your lawn.

  • Targeted Application: Applying pre-emergent treatments to prevent weeds.
  • Effective Timing: Scheduling treatments at the optimal time.
  • Eco-Friendly Options: Using safe, environmentally friendly products.

Insect and Pest Control

Protecting your lawn from harmful insects and pests that can damage grass.

  • Pest Management: Identifying and treating pest issues promptly.
  • Natural Solutions: Using eco-friendly pest control methods.
  • Ongoing Monitoring: Regularly checking for signs of pests.

Crabgrass and Broadleaf Weed Control

Targeting specific weeds that are common in Covington lawns.

  • Spot Treatment: Applying treatments directly to affected areas.
  • Effective Formulas: Using proven products to control weeds.
  • Preventive Measures: Implementing strategies to prevent future weed growth.

Our Lawn Maintenance Services in Covington, WA

Nasim Landscape offers a comprehensive range of lawn maintenance services to keep your lawn in top condition:

Mowing and Edging

Regular mowing and precise edging to keep your lawn neat and healthy.

  • Precision Cutting: Using top-of-the-line equipment for an even cut.
  • Seasonal Adjustments: Adjusting mowing height based on seasonal needs.
  • Crisp Edges: Creating clean, defined edges for a polished look.

Raking and Power-Blowing Clean Up

Removing leaves, grass clippings, and other debris to maintain a clean lawn.

  • Debris Removal: Efficiently clearing away leaves and clippings.
  • Power-Blowing: Using powerful blowers to remove debris from hard-to-reach areas.
  • Yard Cleanliness: Ensuring your yard remains tidy and attractive.

Flower Bed Cleanup and Edging

Keeping flower beds neat and well-defined.

  • Weed Removal: Eliminating weeds from flower beds.
  • Mulch Refreshing: Adding fresh mulch to enhance appearance and retain moisture.
  • Bed Edging: Creating clean edges around flower beds.

Weed Removal

Effective weed management to keep your lawn free of invasive species.

  • Manual Weeding: Hand-pulling weeds for precision.
  • Chemical Treatments: Using safe herbicides to target stubborn weeds.
  • Preventive Measures: Implementing strategies to prevent weed growth.

Removal of Branches, Leaves, and Other Debris

Clearing away all unwanted materials to maintain a clean landscape.

  • Debris Collection: Gathering and removing fallen branches and leaves.
  • Disposal Services: Properly disposing of yard waste.
  • Yard Cleanliness: Keeping your outdoor space neat and tidy.

Shrub and Bush Pruning

Maintaining the health and appearance of shrubs and bushes.

  • Regular Trimming: Shaping and trimming to promote healthy growth.
  • Disease Prevention: Removing diseased or damaged branches.
  • Seasonal Pruning: Timing pruning for optimal plant health.

Yard Waste Hauling Services

Removing all yard waste and debris from your property.

  • Efficient Hauling: Quickly and efficiently removing yard waste.
  • Proper Disposal: Ensuring yard waste is disposed of responsibly.
  • Clean Yard: Leaving your yard clean and free of debris.

Aeration and Thatch Removal

Improving soil health and allowing air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots.

  • Core Aeration: Removing small soil plugs to reduce compaction.
  • Thatch Removal: Eliminating thatch buildup for better grass health.
  • Enhanced Growth: Promoting deeper root growth and stronger grass.

Pest and Disease Control

Protecting your lawn from pests and diseases.

  • Pest Management: Identifying and treating pest issues promptly.
  • Disease Control: Detecting and managing lawn diseases effectively.
  • Lawn Diagnostics: Assessing and addressing lawn health concerns.


Restoring and rejuvenating your lawn by overseeding bare or thin areas.

  • Seed Selection: Choosing the right seed mix for your lawn.
  • Soil Preparation: Preparing the soil for optimal seed germination.
  • Even Coverage: Ensuring even distribution of seeds for a lush lawn.

Customized Lawn Care Plans in Covington

At Nasim Landscape, we tailor our lawn care plans to each customer’s specific needs:

Initial Consultation

We begin with a thorough consultation to assess your lawn and discuss your goals.

  • Lawn Assessment: Evaluating the current condition of your lawn.
  • Client Goals: Understanding your vision and preferences.
  • Detailed Plan: Developing a customized care plan.

Tailored Plans

Each plan is designed based on lawn size, grass type, and desired outcomes.

  • Personalized Care: Customizing treatments to your lawn’s unique needs.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Adjusting care schedules to fit your lifestyle.
  • Targeted Solutions: Addressing specific lawn issues with precision.

Ongoing Adjustments

We continually monitor and adjust the plan to ensure optimal results.

  • Seasonal Adjustments: Modifying care based on seasonal changes.
  • Performance Monitoring: Regularly assessing lawn health and progress.
  • Client Feedback: Incorporating your feedback to improve services.

Why Professional Lawn Care?

Hiring a professional lawn service like Nasim Landscape offers numerous benefits:

Consistent Care

Regular, scheduled maintenance ensures your lawn stays healthy and attractive.

  • Routine Visits: Scheduled visits to maintain optimal lawn health.
  • Seasonal Services: Adjusting care based on seasonal needs.
  • Reliable Service: Dependable, professional care you can count on.

Expert Handling

Our team is trained to handle all types of lawn problems, from pests to diseases.

  • Pest Management: Identifying and treating pest issues promptly.
  • Disease Control: Detecting and managing lawn diseases effectively.
  • Lawn Diagnostics: Assessing and addressing lawn health concerns.

Advanced Techniques

We use the latest technology and methods to ensure superior lawn health and appearance.

  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: Utilizing the best tools for precision care.
  • Innovative Practices: Implementing cutting-edge lawn care techniques.
  • Continuous Improvement: Staying updated with industry advancements.


Enjoy the ease and peace of mind that comes with professional lawn care.

  • Time-Saving: Free up your time for other activities.
  • Stress-Free: Leave the lawn care to the experts.
  • Guaranteed Results: Achieve a beautiful lawn without the hassle.

Sustainable Practices by Nasim Landscape

Nasim Landscape is dedicated to using sustainable and environmentally friendly practices:

Water Conservation

Implementing efficient irrigation systems and water-wise landscaping techniques.

  • Smart Irrigation: Using technology to optimize water usage.
  • Drought-Tolerant Plants: Selecting plants that require less water.
  • Rainwater Harvesting: Capturing and utilizing rainwater.

Eco-Friendly Products

Using organic and natural products to promote lawn health.

  • Natural Fertilizers: Opting for organic fertilizers that enrich the soil.
  • Pesticide Alternatives: Using non-toxic alternatives for pest control.
  • Soil Health: Enhancing soil quality with natural amendments.

Sustainable Landscaping

Designing landscapes that support local ecosystems and biodiversity.

  • Native Plants: Incorporating plants native to Covington.
  • Wildlife Habitats: Creating environments that support local wildlife.
  • Reduced Maintenance: Designing low-maintenance landscapes.

Ready to achieve a lush, healthy lawn? Contact Nasim Landscape today at 253-988-0165 to schedule an initial lawn assessment. 


What Customers Say About Us

Eugene Kiyan
Eugene Kiyan
As a management company we have had great experience working with Nasim Landscape. These guys are doing a great job and they really care about their clients. Every time if there was an issue Nasim guys would go above and beyond to make it right and have our clients happy. Way to go!
Jennifer Crawford
Jennifer Crawford
Absolutely stellar service from this landscape company! From the initial consultation to the final touches, every step was handled with professionalism and care. The team transformed our yard into a breathtaking oasis, exceeding all our expectations. Their attention to detail and expertise truly shines through in the stunning results. Communication was seamless throughout the project, and they finished right on schedule. We couldn't be happier with the outcome and highly recommend their services to anyone looking to elevate their outdoor space. Five stars all around!
Northwest Frog Fren
Northwest Frog Fren
Nasim has done our neighborhood for a couple years now and they do a fantastic job. Very professional service.
Esaul Sierra
Esaul Sierra
Es muy bonito el trabajo en esta compañía por ke ami me gusta travajar
Gina Varden
Gina Varden
I would recommend Nasim Landscape without hesitation! Their employees are truly talented and have created a beautiful "park-like" setting that my family will enjoy for years to come.
Salishan Association
Salishan Association
Nasim Landscape started their contract with the Salishan Association December 2022. The Nasim management and team are exceptional to work with. They believe in giving back to the community. They have been very generous with their time and provided donations to many of our community events. Niwar and his team always strive to provide the utmost service and product. They are great listeners - and educators! - and always go above and beyond to make sure that our community looks vibrant, safe and attractive. Nasim Landscape is the epitome of exceptional service and integrity, standing by their work. We sincerely appreciate the hard work and effort they have put in this past year. We look forward to our continued successful of partnership!
Logan Seelye
Logan Seelye
Nasim Landscape is a wonderful company to work with. They have integrity and stand by their work. We had them do quite a bit of work at our home, as they were there for about a week installing plants, flowers, trees and moving a lot of dirt. Everyone I spoke with seemed genuine and thoughtful in their advice and knowledge. I highly recommend Nasim to anyone looking for a professional landscaping company!
Cedar Gardens
Cedar Gardens
Nasim Landscaping has brought so much beauty back to our community! I am the community director of a property in Federal Way. Project Manager Frumencio Cruz helped me completely transform this community into a place where everyone is proud to call home again. They are on time, professional, and deliver exactly what they propose in their bids for services. Mr. Cruz is a problem solver and he found options to keep us running smoothly with lighting and irrigation. Our combined efforts have been noticed by police safety officers, the pest control specialists, and the whole community. Thank you so much Nasim Landscaping!

Contact Nasim Landscape at 253-988-0165 to schedule a free consultation today! Let us help you create a beautiful, lush lawn with our expert lawn maintenance services in Covington.

Got Questions?

The best time to start lawn treatment is in early spring when the grass begins to grow. This timing allows for proper fertilization, weed control, and preparation for the growing season. However, our services can be tailored to meet the needs of your lawn at any time of the year.

The frequency of lawn care services depends on various factors, including the type of grass, weather conditions, and specific lawn needs. Generally, we recommend regular services every 1-2 weeks during the growing season to maintain optimal lawn health and appearance.

Homeowners can keep their lawns healthy by regularly watering, mowing at the recommended height, and promptly addressing any signs of pests or diseases. Our team provides detailed guidance and tips to help you maintain your lawn between our visits.

The cost of lawn care services varies based on the size of your lawn, the specific services required, and the frequency of visits. We offer competitive pricing and provide a detailed estimate during the initial consultation to ensure transparency and value.

Yes, we offer organic lawn care options that use natural products and methods to maintain lawn health. These eco-friendly alternatives are safe for children, pets, and the environment, providing effective results without the use of synthetic chemicals.