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A verdant and vibrant lawn can become a valuable addition to your house or office. Unfortunately, lawn maintenance is not as easy a chore as it might seem.

To ensure that your lawn will keep beautifying your property, along with enhancing its value for a long time to come, you should invest in reliable lawn service, providing regular lawn care service and lawn maintenance solutions for your lawn.

Being a renowned name among residential and commercial property owners in the Gig Harbor area, Nasim Landscape offers an incredible range of lawn service solutions.

We have been delivering the best lawn care service that is unmatched in quality and efficiency, owing to our vast experience, thorough knowledge and a large pool of proficient workers.

Lawn Maintenance Gig Harbor


We understand that different property owners have diverse needs. So, one solution might not be suitable for all. Before coming up with any lawn maintenance program, we will spend time discussing your needs and preferences.

We will decide our schedule and the best lawn maintenance practices well suited for your lawn care needs only after clearly understanding how you envision your lawn looking.

Taking care of your lawn on your own can prove to be a time consuming and tiring task. Not everyone is equipped with the specialized tools and advanced equipment that are required for performing lawn maintenance efficiently.

Buying this equipment can prove to be costly. So it is easier and more cost effective to hire professional lawn service providers in Gig Harbor instead, who can deliver much better lawn care service at a highly reasonable cost.

Lawn Care Service Gig Harbor


Lawn maintenance is an ongoing process. Just planting some trees and plants and watering them every other day is not enough for having an enviable lawn.

Along with performing common lawn maintenance practices, timely removal of weeds and dead plants will give a healthy and pleasing appearance to your lawn.

You need to invest good amount of time and effort to achieve results that will make your lawn stand apart from the rest.

If you are seeking professional help in Gig Harbor to maintain the look and condition of your lawn, then we have just the right lawn maintenance solutions for you.

At Nasim Landscape, we have been efficiently providing lawn care service and lawn maintenance solutions for the past 19 years. Our services include:

  • Landscape design and lawn maintenance
  • One time clean up
  • Irrigation system installation and repair
  • Fertilizing and weeding
  • Tree trimming

Feel free to call us at 253-988-0165 to find out more about our lawn care service and receive exceptional care and lawn maintenance solutions.

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