Lawn Sod Puyallup


Beautiful landscaping is always appealing. Whether a residential property or commercial establishment, well-maintained lawn and landscaping give a welcoming feeling. A lovely, green lawn is an integral part of that and requires the services of a reliable company for sod installation. Nasim Landscape

provides quality lawn sod installation services for Puyallup, WA homes and business properties. As an established company, we provide the following types of lawn sods for installation in Puyallup:

  • Fescue grass sod
  • Kentucky bluegrass sod
  • Zoysia sod

When you choose us as your company for lawn sod installation, you can be assured that you will have one of the most beautiful landscapes installed by the best company in the industry.

Sod Installation Puyallup


Whether you are looking for grass sod in your front yard or backyard, we can help you. We have been providing high-quality sod installation services in Puyallup for a long time and therefore, are well versed with the intricacies of the area.

You should choose us for your sod installation as we also provide other services related to landscaping:

  • Rough grading
  • Laser grading
  • Irrigation system
  • Seeding
  • Hydro-seeding

You can rely on our highly skilled and experienced team for the proper sod installation in your front or backyard. Equipped with the latest equipment, we are able to provide hassle-free services at affordable costs.

Puyallup Grass Sod


When you have decided to have sod installed and you choose us for the installation of grass sod in your Puyallup home we will take care of everything. You should choose us because we are:

  • Experienced
  • Have affordable pricing
  • Provide customized services

If you are curious about the costs involved in having lawn sod installed let us assure you that our grass sod prices are reasonable. We work very closely with you, inspect your property and made recommendations that will work for you and your budget. With affordable grass sod installation in your Puyallup property, you can expect to have a beautiful lawn and you will be pleased you had it installed.

If you have been thinking of having beautiful lawns in your home or business premises and are looking for a reliable company that provides services for lawn sod, call Nasim Landscape at 253-988-0165.