Outdoor Lights Gig Harbor


Appropriately chosen and installed landscape lighting adds to the value of your home while enhancing its façade and security. With the help of an established company, get suitable pathway lights to make your Gig Harbor, WA home stand out in the neighborhood.

Get in touch with Nasim Landscape for efficiently installed outdoor lights in Gig Harbor. We are an experienced company that has been offering landscape lighting in Gig Harbor since 1998. We have the resources, ideas, and manpower to install all types of outdoor lights in Gig Harbor such as:

  • String lights
  • Garden lights
  • Spotlights
  • Floodlights

Consult us before purchasing outdoor lights for your Gig Harbor home as we can help you choose the best ones that will not only enhance the looks of your home but are energy efficient as well.

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Landscape Lighting Gig Harbor


While the appearance of the property or lawn at night is one purpose of installing good landscape lighting for most Gig Harbor homeowners, security is the more important reason. With proper outdoor lights, homeowners can rest assured that their home and property are safe from intruders and thieves.

Rely on us when you are looking for a professional company to install landscape lighting in Gig Harbor. We are specialists at our job and therefore can offer any of the following landscape lighting in Gig Harbor:

  • Moon lighting
  • Shadow lighting
  • Up/down lighting
  • Lanterns and path lights

We assure you of providing you complete guidance right from purchasing the lights to installing them.

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Pathway Lights Gig Harbor


Appropriately installed pathway lights on your Gig Harbor property not only give the landscape a great look but lights also save the guests from tripping. It is for this reason that you must choose the pathway lights appropriately, ensuring that they do not put a glare in the eyes of visitors.

Count on us when you are looking for a professional company for the installation of pathway lights in Gig Harbor. Specialists in outdoor lighting, we can install the following types of pathway lights in Gig Harbor:

  • Flush lights
  • Down lights
  • Bollard lights
  • Step or deck lights

Schedule the installation of the outdoor fixtures in Gig Harbor at a time suitable to you.

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