Ponds Kent


When it comes to designing and constructing ponds in Kent, WA properties, Nasim Landscape Landscaping is the name that people have been relying on since 1998. Installation of water features, such as ponds, is among the many specialized landscaping services offered by our company.

Addition of Kent ponds brings incredible tranquility and a touch of sophistication to the surroundings. Investing in pond installation is indeed a small price to pay for daily enjoyment of aquatic paradise in your backyard.

Design and installation of Kent ponds are jobs that are best left to seasoned professionals like us. We have proven our exceptional skills over successful construction of numerous Kent ponds in residential and commercial properties.

Contact us to learn more about our capabilities for installing:

  • Small garden ponds
  • Backyard fish ponds
  • Backyard ponds and waterfalls
  • Outdoor koi ponds

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Pond Installation Kent


A Kent pond installation job calls for in-depth knowledge and creativity. You choice of pond installers can be the difference between beautiful, thriving and unattractive, dull landscaping water features.

Make sure of receiving the finest Kent pond installation services by signing up our company for the project. We have ready access to all the components of ponds, as well as the specialized equipment that is required for Kent pond installation.

Our landscapers take a very detail-oriented approach to your Kent pond installation job. You can be sure of seamlessness in every aspect of the work, including:

  • Pond liner installation
  • Pond pump installation
  • Pond bottom drain installation
  • Koi pond UV light installation
  • Pond skimmer installation

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Pond Installers Kent


The services of our Kent pond installers are aimed at giving customers water features that match their specifications, suit their aesthetic preferences, meet their needs and fit their budget.

Our Kent pond installers are also focused on creating water features that enhance the landscape beauty for years to come. Our Kent pond installers combine their extensive knowledge of the ecosystem with exceptional craftsmanship to create attractive ponds that flourish and sustain for a lifetime.

To help our Kent pond installers achieve their objectives, we support them with the best tools, technologies and materials to work with. We are confident that you will be hard-pressed to find a more capable, well-equipped and reliable:

  • Pond builder
  • Pond and waterfall contractor
  • Pond construction expert
  • Pond construction contractor

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