Sumner Ponds


When it comes to building ponds on Sumner, WA properties, Nasim Landscape is the name that people have relied upon since 1998. Pond installation makes a wonderful addition to the yard aesthetics and boosts the resale value of the property.

We specialize in installing different kinds of Sumner ponds to suit diverse preferences, budgets, and space limitations. Whether our clients are interested in basic, simple ponds or stylish Sumner ponds with colorful fish, aquatic plants, and underwater lights, our pond installers have it all covered.

Our services are available for constructing ponds of all sizes. We handle jobs for installing Sumner ponds in homes and commercial properties. Contact us if you want your property to have the following:

  • Small garden fish pond
  • Front yard pond with fountain
  • Koi pond
  • Backyard pond and waterfall

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Sumner Pond Installation


There is much more to a Sumner pond installation job than just digging a big hole in the yard and filling it up with water. Design and installation of ponds calls for specialized knowledge, skills, equipment, and supplies.

That is why it is advisable to hire seasoned and reputable professionals like us for Sumner pond installation in your yard. We come to your job with proven skills for building ponds. Our technicians have completed countless Sumner pond installation jobs successfully.

We ensure diligence and precision in carrying out every step of your Sumner pond installation job, including these components:

  • Pond liner installation
  • Pond pump installation
  • Pond fountain installation
  • Pond bottom drain installation
  • Koi pond lighting installation

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Sumner Pond Installers


Our Sumner pond installers work closely with you to make sure that required water features get constructed exactly as per your specifications. We are a landscaping company that places a high premium on quality and have our Sumner pond installers work to the best of their abilities for creating beautiful, sustainable ponds.

Our Sumner pond installers give due consideration to all relevant factors such as proper ground prep, drainage arrangement, water supply source, etc. while constructing ponds. Another focus of our Sumner pond installers is on ensuring complete customer satisfaction with the job management.

We want property owners who hire us for creating their ponds to feel that they chose the right pros:

  • Pond landscaping expert
  • Aquascape specialist
  • Pond construction contractor
  • Water features installer

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