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Does your yard have sloping contours? Does your dream of a beautifully landscaped property seem unattainable due to the incline and erosion issues on the site? Relax and do not despair. Nasim Landscape offers the ideal solution–retaining wall installation.

We can build retaining walls in your Black Diamond, WA property at strategic locations in the yard to create level areas for planting and hardscaping. Soil held back by solid, sturdy retaining walls will no longer erode and will offer perfect ground for any landscaping feature you want. The distinctive terraced look to the yard with retaining walls is an additional benefit. We are experienced at designing and constructing retaining walls:

  • Of any length and height
  • With different types of building materials
  • In several colors, textures, and finishes

We have been handling retaining wall installation jobs in Black Diamond since 1998. Our robust, high-performing structures and extremely professional services have made us a top-rated retaining wall contractor.

Retaining Wall Contractor Black Diamond


Carefully and accurately done installation ensures years of efficient use of the retaining walls. However, you cannot expect perfect workmanship from just any retaining wall contractor catering to your community.

Not all contractors are aware of or mindful of all the factors that go into seamless retaining wall installation. We are proud to be a retaining wall contractor that Black Diamond residents have found to:

  • Be a diligent master at the job
  • Consistently deliver flawless services
  • Complete all big and small jobs without any hassle

Indeed, you need not look any further than us for a retaining wall contractor. We can give your yard just the fortification it needs for successful landscaping and fetch you excellent ROI on the retaining wall construction project.

Retaining Wall Installation Black Diamond


Retaining walls have to undergo a great deal of stress. The structures are constantly exposed to harsh natural elements and withstand a substantial load of the soil they hold back. It is very important that retaining wall installation in any Black Diamond property be done:

  • By knowledgeable technicians
  • Without cutting corners
  • After proper soil prep and drainage arrangement
  • Using top-quality, strong, hard-wearing materials

This is exactly what is done on the projects where we are the retaining wall contractor. Hire us to be assured of thoroughly satisfying retaining wall installation work.

When it comes to building retaining walls in Black Diamond homes or commercial properties, there is no match to the services offered by Nasim Landscape. Contact us at 206-809-7877.

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