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If you are looking to hire a retaining wall contractor in the Des Moines, WA area, there cannot be a better option than Nasim Landscape. After founding the landscaping company in 1998, we have handled countless residential and commercial projects for the construction of retaining walls. We are proud to be credited with unmatched expertise in retaining wall installation.

Retaining walls are an excellent hardscape element for adding shape and dimension to the yard. In sloped properties that are prone to erosion, retaining walls hold the soil so that grass and plants can grow. Retaining wall installation can serve a dual purpose. The walls can also:

  • Form levels in landscape design of the yard
  • Section off specific landscape features or outdoor living areas
  • Provide sitting areas
  • Enclose the yard for complete privacy

There are a number of materials available for the installation of retaining walls on Des Moines properties. Call us now to learn more about retaining walls and the services offered by us, a retaining wall contractor.

Retaining Wall Contractor Des Moines


Retaining wall construction calls for specialized knowledge and skills. A poorly designed and built structure can be a significant waste of money as well as effort. It could be an eyesore that reduces the aesthetic value of the landscape. However, what is more alarming is that improper retaining wall installation can fail suddenly and cause extensive landscaping damage.

Put your mind at ease by turning to us when you need the services of a retaining wall contractor for your Des Moines property. We know all about building retaining walls that:

  • Perform their function well
  • Look elegant
  • Stand strong for years to come

We have relevant experience as well as top-notch resources to be the master retaining wall contractor you would want to hire.

Retaining Wall Installation Des Moines


There are several factors to be considered when performing retaining wall installation. The technicians have to correctly calculate the load exerted by backfill, consider appropriate drainage strategy, and much more. Length and height of the wall is also kept in mind.

To ensure seamless retaining wall installation on your Des Moines property, we put only duly trained and experienced crews on the job. We also take care that our retaining wall installation team works:

  • Attentively
  • With quality materials and advanced tools
  • In compliance with local codes

Choosing us as your retaining wall contractor guarantees an attractive, sturdy, functional, and durable wall in your yard.

Nasim Landscape is the ideal choice for design and installation of retaining walls for Des Moines properties. Reach us at (253) 988-0165.

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