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Nasim Landscape is the name to rely on when it comes to construction of retaining walls in the South Hill, WA area. Landscaping a yard that stands on sloped land and has soil erosion problems is impossible without retaining wall installation.

A good thing about retaining walls is that they have utility besides holding back soil. These structures lend a very distinctive character and striking aesthetic appeal to the yard. So retaining walls can be put up to enhance the outdoors by:

  • Creating a beautiful terraced yard
  • Providing seating places for a view of the landscape
  • Creating a boundary/providing privacy
  • Defining specific hardscape features like patio, pond, etc.

We are a leading retaining wall contractor with vast experience in designing and installing retaining walls in South Hill properties for all types of applications. Make us your first call for retaining wall installation services.

Retaining Wall Contractor South Hill


Seamless retaining wall construction calls for specialized knowledge and skill. You cannot engage the services of just any of the local landscapers and expect a beautiful, efficient structure that lasts a long time.

For that, you need to hire an accomplished and experienced retaining wall contractor catering to the South Hill area. You need us! We offer all the benefits of working with a retaining wall contractor that:

  • Has been serving the community since 1998
  • Is family-owned and customer-centric
  • Enjoys a hard-earned stellar reputation
  • Takes pride in an impressive service record

We have countless successful projects for the construction of retaining walls in residential and commercial properties under our belt to show our exceptional capabilities. Hire us and learn why we are a highly respected retaining wall contractor.

Retaining Wall Installation South Hill


Retaining wall installation in any South Hill property is not like constructing a typical wall. Retaining walls are built out in the open for a specific purpose, which is to support large masses of soil and prevent their erosion. It is important that the retaining wall contractor creates a structure that can withstand the soil pressure and also stand up to the diverse elements for a long time.

We know all that goes into flawless retaining wall installation and assure you of a structure that is:

  • Stable and strong
  • Hard-wearing
  • Durable

Our technicians ensure code-compliant retaining wall installation with excellent drainage solutions.

Need the services of a capable, reliable, and affordable retaining wall contractor in South Hill? Call Nasim Landscape at (253) 988-0165.

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