Rock Walls Sumner


It is true that artificial materials can never match up to the quality and look of a natural material. This is why landscaping rockery walls are considered a better option as they are appealing to the eye and are all natural.

However, building rockeries (rock walls) is a job best left for professionals. Why? Because it is not just about making your landscape beautiful but functional as well. Nasim Landscape is a leading and reputable landscaping contractor you can count on for quality rock wall construction in the Sumner, WA area. When it comes to building a rockery wall for your property, we focus on key steps like:

  • Proper site preparation
  • Careful selection of natural rocks
  • Precise placement of rocks

We know that when you want the rockeries to be strikingly beautiful, it is best to show the weathered or moss-covered part of the rocks. Many of the inexperienced contractors often skip these critical details which plays a key factor in making beautiful rock walls. Call us today for the best rock wall construction in the Sumner area.

Rockeries Sumner


Rockeries are built mainly for aesthetic purposes, but they also offer many functional values. Whether you want water features, retaining walls, rock walls, or extensive rock landscaping, we can take care of everything when it comes to rockeries.

Let us help you with rockeries installation, repair, or restoration as we have the skill and knowledge of the craft. Choosing us for rockeries service ensures:

  • Personalized attention
  • Use of top-grade materials
  • Work done by experienced technicians

We build rockeries that not just transform your outdoor living space but provide you a sense of peace and harmony. As a highly competent landscaping contractor, we can assure you that we are good at what we do which is why we can keep the costs of building rockeries very affordable. Get in touch with us today for installation of rockeries or rock walls in the Sumner area.

Rock Wall Construction Sumner


If you are in need of precise and affordable rock wall construction, come to us as we:

  • Have decades of experiences with rockeries
  • Are a family-owned business
  • Ensure impeccable customer service
  • Work with keen attention to detail

No rockeries job is too big or small for our trained crew. Let us worry about the rock wall construction at your Sumner property as we have the all the tools and experience to complete the project in a hassle-free manner.

Want professional rock wall construction? Call Nasim Landscape at (253) 988-0165 for well-built, durable, and striking rockeries and rock walls in the Sumner area.