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When it comes to construction of a rockery wall or well-designed rockeries in University Place, WA, the services offered by Nasim Landscape are second to none. Stone walls and rockeries are a wonderful option for adding some charming ruggedness to the yard that brings out the delicate beauty of flowers and plantings.

While construction of rock walls is generally done to facilitate landscaping on properties with sloping land, it can even be done on normal terrain just to add aesthetic value to the property. You can have a rockery wall installed on your property for:

  • Providing privacy and security
  • Giving elevation to a flat landscape
  • Separating different outdoor living areas
  • Adding casual seating in the yard

We can be hired for rock wall construction on University Place properties for all kinds of applications. Call today to schedule our services for building a cosmetic or functional rockery wall in your yard.

Rockeries University Place


Our company also specializes in construction of rockeries, rock walls, or rock gardens. Installing rockeries is the best way to work around the challenges encountered in landscaping yards with a stony topography. However, rockeries can even be created in properties with fertile soil. In both situations, rockeries enhance the landscape by incorporating the rough, rustic element of nature to it.

We can construct all types of rockeries or rock walls on University Place properties. Whether our customers are interested in rockeries comprising a dry riverbed bordered by a stone wall or want more sophisticated rockeries consisting of rocks, hardy plants, and flowers, we do it all. We strive to create rockeries that are:

  • Eye-catching
  • Sturdy
  • Weather-resistant
  • Ideally located

Our technicians use all their creativity, skills, and experience to build rockeries that our customers take pride in showing off to their guests.

Rock Wall Construction University Place


Poor workmanship at rock wall construction has more alarming outcomes than simply the expense of re-installing the structure. Sudden collapse of an improperly built rockery wall can even lead to extensive landscape damage.

However, you need not harbor such fears when you hire us for rock wall construction in your University Place property. Our well-trained technicians know how to build rock walls that:

  • Look elegant
  • Withstand soil and wind pressure
  • Last a long time

We do rock wall construction with carefully chosen and firmly installed boulders of the right shape and size.

To hire the experts at Nasim Landscape for construction of rockery or rock wall construction in your University Place property, call (253) 988-0165.

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