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Building a rockery in your Gig Harbor, WA property is an excellent way of incorporating an eye-catching element to the landscaping for enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Strategic use of rocks adds rustic character to contrast yet complement the soft foliage and flowers. For rockery landscaping to be as elegant yet natural, it should be handled and maintained by seasoned professionals.

Any damage to the rockery must be fixed immediately and correctly. This is where Nasim Landscape comes in. We are a full-service landscaping company offering rockery repair services in and around Gig Harbor. You can call us for fixing problems with your rock garden brought on for any reason, including:

  • Heavy rains or strong winds
  • Ground shifting
  • Poor construction initially

We can be trusted for efficient and reliable repairs that restore the visual charm of the rock garden and make it robust enough to last for years to come.

Rockery Wall Gig Harbor


We specialize in rockery wall repair. A stone or rock wall can be installed in any landscape to serve functional as well as decorative purposes. It can either be made as a retaining wall to deal with grading and soil erosion issues or constructed to be the centerpiece of the yard.

Regardless of its role, your rock wall is an important part of the landscape and cannot be ignored when it gets damaged. Get in touch with us when you need rockery wall repair services in and around Gig Harbor that are:

  • Scheduled promptly
  • Delivered by well-trained technicians
  • Aimed at providing a lasting solution to the problem

Count on us for efficient and reliable rockery wall repair, no matter how little or extensively the structure is damaged.

Rockery Wall Repair Gig Harbor


There are some jobs that even the most enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer should not attempt and should leave in the hands of experienced professionals. Rock wall installation is one of these. Another is rockery wall repair.

Going DIY with rockery wall repair in your Gig Harbor area property can be a costly mistake. The risks involved in this include:

  • Further damage or total collapse of the wall
  • Physical injury by rocks falling on you
  • Damage to the nearby vegetation or landscape feature

Why take chances when our technicians are at hand to provide skillful, safe and economical services to fix your rock wall? Call us now.

Nasim Landscape is the go-to expert for rockery wall repair in the Gig Harbor area. Reach us at 253-799-0924.

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