Rockery Landscaping Des Moines


Are you looking to enhance the aesthetics and value of your property? If yes, then you should think about getting a rockery installation. Call in experts that have the experience of building a rockery. With an adequately suitable rockery, you will find your landscape much more functional and versatile.

Get in touch with professionals at Nasim Landscape for excellent rockery landscaping services in Des Moines, WA. Offering rockery installation services since 1998, we are thoroughly experienced and can provide several options of rockery landscaping. Call us for building a rockery in Des Moines. We use any of the following rockery options:

  • Mexican beach pebbles
  • Pea gravel
  • Granite boulders
  • Decomposed granite

We will choose the rockery landscaping that is well suited to the décor of your home and is well within your budget.

Rockery Installation Des Moines


Building a rockery is not an easy task. There must be careful planning to ascertain where the rocks will go and where the plants will be best suited. Moreover, the choice of the plants that will grow amidst the rockery installation is also something to be considered.

Rely on us for exquisite rockery installation in Des Moines. As we have completed many rockery landscaping projects in the past, we know that no two properties are alike. We have to consider certain things before working on rockery installation, and these include:

  • Regional climate
  • Topography of the site
  • Soil conditions
  • Who will be using the yard

Once these things are ascertained, we create a plan and link the spaces. Just as the interiors of a home are linked, we ensure that the exteriors are also linked and you can easily move from one area to another.

Building A Rockery Des Moines


Building a rockery requires expertise on one hand and artistic creativity on the other. There is an element of decoration in rockery landscaping. Therefore, rockery installation must be handed to someone who has the vision and creativity to make the place look beautiful with a combination of rocks and plants.

Count on us for building a rockery in Des Moines. We have earned our reputation of being one of the leading companies for rockery landscaping for the following reasons:

  • Timely completion of work
  • Keeping budget in mind
  • Use of high-quality materials

Get in touch with our experts to learn about the cost of rockery installation.

Feel free to call Nasim Landscape at (253) 988-0165 when you need rockery landscaping in Des Moines.

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