Rockery Sumner


Are you looking for a seasoned landscape contractor that specializes in rockery repairs and serves the Sumner, WA area? The search has brought you to just the expert you want. Nasim Landscape is a leading landscaping company offering wide-ranging services. Fixing damaged rock gardens and making rockery wall repair are two of the many jobs in which we excel.

Damage to the rockery landscaping is not something to be taken lightly. Postponing its repairs is not advisable as disturbed, misaligned or unstable arrangement of rocks in the garden tends to:

  • Spoil the outdoor beauty
  • Become a safety hazard for anyone strolling nearby
  • Threaten the safety of other landscape and hardscape elements

Keep yourself and your property protected by getting in touch with us immediately on observing that the rockery in your Sumner property needs repairs. We appreciate your situation and the need for a quick repair and schedule the rock garden or rock wall repairs as soon as possible.

Rockery Wall Sumner


A stone or rock wall is an excellent landscaping feature. If you want the rock wall in your yard to deliver maximum functional benefit and visual pleasure, make sure to get it constructed only by professionals with extensive experience in building a rockery. A DIY job or hiring an inexpert can result in premature failure of the wall.

That said, you could need rockery wall repair services in your Sumner area property despite wall installation by proven pros. Some of the common reasons for this are damage to the structure due to:

  • Frost heave
  • Erosion
  • Gradual deterioration with aging

In any case, let us take care of your rockery wall repair needs. We assure you of timely, effective, and lasting solutions to fix the wall.

Rockery Wall Repair Sumner


Our objective while handling your rockery wall repair job is to restore the lost strength, stability, reliability and longevity of the structure. We do not believe in makeshift repairs and go all out to make repairs that stand the test of time.

You can be sure that the technicians we send out for rockery wall repair in your Sumner property:

  • Are highly skilled and experienced
  • Know the relevant local codes they should comply with
  • Have access to top-notch materials and tools to work with

Our technicians can be trusted for the seamless repair of rock walls of any height, length, or thickness.

When it comes to rockery repairs in and around Sumner, the services offered by Nasim Landscape are second to none. Call 253-799-0924 to schedule a job.