Stone Retaining Wall Auburn


A rockery wall in your Auburn, WA property can be a wonderful asset to the landscape. However, building it calls for specialized skills as well as special excavating and lifting equipment.

That is why you should call Nasim Landscape when you decide to have a rockery wall installed in the yard of your home or business. Our full-service landscaping company has extensive experience in rockery installations.

We have the knowledge, expertise and resources to construct rockery walls of any height or length. Our technicians are trained at building both dry stacking rockery walls and mortared rockery walls.

No matter which type of rockery wall you want in your Auburn property, we make sure to:

  • Select the right stone
  • Position the rocks carefully
  • Build a sturdy structure that lasts long
  • Work diligently and not rush through the job

Call us today to discuss your rockery wall design and construction job.

Rockery Auburn


While a rockery wall is a distinctive, decorative landscape feature, it does not offer only cosmetic use. Rockery walls make highly effective retaining walls.

We have handled countless jobs for stone retaining wall installation in Auburn properties. With our vast experience as retaining wall contractors, we know all that goes into building a strong and functional stone retaining wall.

Our technicians understand all the critical elements that are required when building a stone retaining wall on a slope. Among other things, they take care to:

  • Prepare a proper base for the stone retaining wall
  • Figure out the right ratio of wall thickness and height
  • Provide backing and drainage solutions to protect the wall

Auburn Retaining Wall Contractors


You will agree that building of a rockery or stone retaining wall is not a DIY job and is best left to professionals. However, you should also know that not all retaining wall contractors are the same.

A wrong choice of retaining wall contractors can be a costly mistake. You might end up with a collapsed wall that causes extensive landscape damage. Protect your investment by hiring us as your stone retaining wall contractors in the Auburn area.

We are high reputable retaining wall installers. On all our jobs as residential or commercial retaining wall contractors, we:

  • Use top-grade materials
  • Comply with the local codes
  • Deliver ethical services
  • Ensure 100% customer satisfaction

Looking for retaining wall contractors in the Auburn area to design and build a rockery wall in your yard? Call Nasim Landscape at 206-809-7877.