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Nasim Landscape is the leading retaining wall contractor specializing in constructing rockery walls for Bonney Lake, WA properties. Installation of a rockery wall is a wonderful way of giving a distinctive and rugged natural look to your yard.

Adding natural stone in the form of a rockery wall is also very effective in bringing out the beauty of delicate plantings and vibrant flowers spread across the landscape.

The use of rockery walls is not limited to the aesthetics. They offer excellent functional use. A rockery or stone retaining wall is a great option for resolving grading problems that makes landscaping of sloped yards difficult.

We can be hired for cosmetic rockery wall as well as stone retaining wall installation for Bonney Lake properties. Serving the community as retaining wall contractors since 1998, we have everything necessary for designing and installing sturdy rockery walls. We have:

  • Access to top-grade materials
  • Powerful lifting and excavation equipment
  • Skilled crew with vast experience in rockery installation

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Building a stone retaining wall on a slope is essential to make the area suitable for landscaping. Uneven or gradient yards not only present a problem in landscape design but also makes it difficult for the plantings to grow and thrive.

Call us for stone retaining wall installation in your Bonney Lake property if it is on a hilly or sloped land. We send in well-trained technicians to install an artistically designed, well-built rockery retaining wall that looks decorative even as it holds back the soil.

We are driven by our stellar reputation as stone retaining wall contractors. Whether you hire us to install a single stone retaining wall or multiple rockery retaining walls, we:

  • Work with keen attention to detail
  • Ensure appropriate drainage solutions
  • Comply with the local codes

Bonney Lake Retaining Wall Contractors


We offer highly customized services as retaining wall contractors in the Bonney Lake area. While we are equipped to handle all types of jobs for rockery wall construction, we do realize that no two jobs are the same.

You can hire us as your retaining wall contractors with full assurance that your property and investment are in safe hands. The key factors that influence our stone retaining wall services include:

  • Your specific ideas for rockery wall design
  • Topography of your yard
  • The budgetary constraints for the project

Make Nasim Landscape your first call when you need experienced retaining wall contractors to install a rockery wall in your Bonney Lake property. Call 253-799-0924.

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