Expert Stone Retaining Wall Construction in Des Moines, WA

Stone retaining walls play a crucial role in landscape design by providing structural support, preventing erosion, and enhancing aesthetic appeal. Nasim Landscape specializes in designing and constructing high-quality stone retaining walls in Des Moines, combining functionality with natural beauty.

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Why Choose Nasim Landscape in Des Moines?

Extensive Experience 

  • Proven Track Record: We have a proven track record of successful excavation projects in Des Moines, showcasing our expertise and reliability.
  • Confidence and Precision: Our extensive experience allows us to tackle projects of any size and complexity with confidence and precision.
  • Experience: Years of dedicated service in the industry make us a trusted choice for all your excavation needs.

Qualified Team

  • Specialized Training: Our professionals possess specialized training and qualifications, ensuring reliable and high-quality services.
  • Continuous Learning: Our team is dedicated to continuous learning, staying updated with the latest industry standards and best practices.
  • Trained Staff: Our trained staff are well-versed in the latest techniques and methods, providing superior service.

Proven Reliability

  • Satisfied Customers: Testimonials and case studies from happy customers demonstrate our reliable service.
  • Consistent Performance: We deliver consistent, high-quality results every time, ensuring your satisfaction.
  • Reliability: Our commitment to excellence and reliability ensures that your projects are completed to the highest standards.

Skilled Team

  • Trained Professionals: Our team members are trained in the best practices of snow removal and other services.
  • Commitment to Safety: Ensuring the safety of both our team and your property is our top priority.
  • Skilled Workforce: Our skilled workforce is equipped to handle a variety of tasks, ensuring efficient and effective service delivery.

Top-Quality Equipment 

  • Advanced Machinery: We use the best quality equipment to ensure precision and efficiency in every project.
  • Well-Maintained Tools: Our equipment is regularly maintained and updated to provide optimal performance.
  • Equipment: Utilizing state-of-the-art machinery ensures that our work meets the highest standards.

Competitive Pricing

  • Value for Money: We offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our services.
  • Transparent Quotes: Our pricing is transparent and fair, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.
  • Offer Competitive Pricing: Our competitive rates make high-quality landscaping and excavation services accessible to all clients.

Choosing Nasim Landscape means entrusting your project to a team of experienced professionals dedicated to delivering exceptional results with the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Benefits of Stone Retaining Walls in Des Moines


  • Long-Lasting Strength: Stone retaining walls are renowned for their long-lasting strength and resilience.
  • Weather Resistance: They can withstand harsh weather conditions, including heavy rain, wind, and snow, making them a reliable choice for long-term landscape solutions.
  • Structural Integrity: The natural strength of stone ensures that these walls remain intact and functional for decades, even under significant pressure and weight.

Natural Beauty

  • Timeless Elegance: Stone retaining walls add a timeless, elegant look to any landscape.
  • Seamless Integration: Their natural textures and colors blend seamlessly with the environment, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your property.
  • Aesthetic Variety: Whether you prefer the rugged charm of fieldstone or the refined look of cut stone, a well-crafted stone wall can elevate the visual appeal of your outdoor space, making it more inviting and harmonious.

Functional Benefits

  • Soil Erosion Prevention: Stone retaining walls play a crucial role in preventing soil erosion by holding back soil on sloped areas, ensuring that your landscape remains stable and intact.
  • Water Runoff Management: These walls help manage water runoff, directing it away from structures and reducing the risk of flooding.
  • Level Areas Creation: Stone retaining walls create level areas in sloped landscapes, making it easier to use these spaces for gardening, seating, or other outdoor activities.
  • Additional Support: They provide additional support to your landscape, maintaining the integrity and usability of sloped areas.
  • Better Looking: The enhanced aesthetic appeal of stone retaining walls contributes to a more attractive and cohesive landscape design.

Choosing stone retaining walls from Nasim Landscape ensures you benefit from their durability, natural beauty, and functional advantages, making your property more appealing and structurally sound.

Our Stone Retaining Wall Services


  • Custom Designs: We offer custom design services to create retaining walls that meet your specific needs and preferences.
  • Collaborative Process: Our team works closely with you to develop a design that combines functionality and aesthetic appeal.
  • Comprehensive Planning: We consider factors such as the wall’s intended purpose, the landscape’s natural features, and your personal style to create a retaining wall that perfectly complements your property.

Material Selection

  • High-Quality Materials: Nasim Landscape uses only the highest quality materials, including various types of natural stone, to ensure durability and visual appeal.
  • Premium Stone Options: We source stones that are not only strong and durable but also beautiful and unique.
  • Variety of Choices: Our selection includes granite, limestone, sandstone, and other premium materials that can withstand the test of time while enhancing your landscape’s beauty.


  • Skilled Craftsmanship: Our skilled craftsmen construct each wall with precision and care, ensuring a sturdy and long-lasting structure.
  • Best Practices: We follow best practices and industry standards to ensure the wall’s stability and integrity.
  • Attention to Detail: From laying the foundation to placing the final stone, our team pays meticulous attention to detail to ensure a flawless finish.


  • Regular Inspections: We provide ongoing maintenance services to keep your retaining wall in optimal condition.
  • Cleaning Services: Regular cleaning helps maintain the wall’s appearance and prevent buildup of dirt and debris.
  • Minor Repairs: We handle minor repairs to address any issues before they become major problems, ensuring the wall’s functionality and longevity.

By choosing Nasim Landscape for your stone retaining wall services, you can expect a comprehensive approach that covers design, material selection, construction, and maintenance, ensuring your retaining wall is both beautiful and durable.

Design and Construction Process of Nasim Landscape

Initial Consultation and Site Assessment

Detailed Consultation:

  • Discuss goals, preferences, and budget.
  • Understand the client’s vision for the retaining wall.

Site Evaluation:

  • Assess soil type, slope, and drainage.
  • Identify critical factors impacting design and construction.

Tailored Planning:

  • Develop a customized plan that meets the client’s needs and suits the landscape.

Collaborative Design

Client Involvement:

  • Engage clients throughout the design process.
  • Ensure the design reflects their desired look and functionality.

Modern Design Tools:

  • Use advanced techniques and tools for detailed plans.
  • Create visualizations to preview the retaining wall.

Feedback and Refinement:

  • Gather client feedback to refine the design.
  • Ensure the final design aligns with the client’s vision.


Expert Techniques:

  • Use professional methods for constructing the retaining wall.
  • Ensure each step is executed with precision.

High-Quality Materials:

  • Source durable and aesthetically pleasing stone materials.
  • Prioritize longevity and strength in material selection.

Construction Process:

  • Excavate the site and lay a solid foundation.
  • Carefully place each stone for stability and durability.
  • Skilled craftsmen work diligently to complete the project efficiently.

Final Inspection

Thorough Evaluation:

  • Check the wall’s structural integrity and appearance.
  • Assess the wall’s functionality within the landscape.

Client Satisfaction:

  • Address any concerns or necessary adjustments.
  • Ensure complete client satisfaction before project completion.

Quality Assurance:

  • Conduct a comprehensive inspection to meet high standards.
  • Finalize the project with attention to detail and quality.

By following this meticulous design and construction process, Nasim Landscape ensures that every stone retaining wall project is completed to the highest standards, delivering both beauty and functionality to your landscape.

Custom Solutions for Every Property

Nasim Landscape tailors each stone retaining wall project to the specific needs and preferences of the client, considering factors like site conditions, design preferences, and budget. Our custom solutions have successfully enhanced various client properties, providing functional and aesthetic improvements.

Initial Assessment

Thorough Evaluation:

  • Assess the condition of the landscape.
  • Identify unique challenges and opportunities.

Understanding Needs:

  • Determine the necessary repairs and enhancements.
  • Ensure we grasp the specific requirements of your property.

Customized Approach:

  • Develop a tailored plan that meets your landscape’s unique needs.
  • Address any specific concerns or goals you have for your property.

Detailed Planning

Comprehensive Plan Development:

  • Consider local climate and soil conditions.
  • Ensure the plan aligns with your aesthetic goals.

Collaborative Design Process:

  • Work closely with you to refine the design.
  • Make sure the design complements existing landscape features.

Vision Alignment:

  • Ensure the final design meets your vision and preferences.
  • Incorporate any feedback or adjustments needed for the perfect outcome.

Sustainable Practices of Nasim Landscape

Locally Sourced Materials

Environmental Impact Reduction:

  • Minimize transportation emissions.
  • Lower the carbon footprint of our projects.

Support Local Economy:

  • Promote local businesses and suppliers.
  • Ensure high-quality, locally sourced materials.

Seamless Integration:

  • Materials blend naturally with the local landscape.
  • Enhance the aesthetic harmony of your property.

Eco-Friendly Techniques

Environmental Conservation:

  • Minimize disruption to the natural landscape.
  • Preserve existing flora and fauna during construction.

Permeable Materials:

  • Enhance water management.
  • Reduce runoff and improve groundwater recharge.

Sustainable Construction Practices:

  • Implement eco-friendly construction methods.
  • Focus on long-term environmental benefits and sustainability.

Contact Nasim Landscape to discuss your stone retaining wall needs or schedule a consultation. Call us at (253) 988-0165 to arrange a site visit or obtain a customized quote.


What Customers Say About Us

Eugene Kiyan
Eugene Kiyan
As a management company we have had great experience working with Nasim Landscape. These guys are doing a great job and they really care about their clients. Every time if there was an issue Nasim guys would go above and beyond to make it right and have our clients happy. Way to go!
Jennifer Crawford
Jennifer Crawford
Absolutely stellar service from this landscape company! From the initial consultation to the final touches, every step was handled with professionalism and care. The team transformed our yard into a breathtaking oasis, exceeding all our expectations. Their attention to detail and expertise truly shines through in the stunning results. Communication was seamless throughout the project, and they finished right on schedule. We couldn't be happier with the outcome and highly recommend their services to anyone looking to elevate their outdoor space. Five stars all around!
Northwest Frog Fren
Northwest Frog Fren
Nasim has done our neighborhood for a couple years now and they do a fantastic job. Very professional service.
Esaul Sierra
Esaul Sierra
Es muy bonito el trabajo en esta compañía por ke ami me gusta travajar
Gina Varden
Gina Varden
I would recommend Nasim Landscape without hesitation! Their employees are truly talented and have created a beautiful "park-like" setting that my family will enjoy for years to come.
Salishan Association
Salishan Association
Nasim Landscape started their contract with the Salishan Association December 2022. The Nasim management and team are exceptional to work with. They believe in giving back to the community. They have been very generous with their time and provided donations to many of our community events. Niwar and his team always strive to provide the utmost service and product. They are great listeners - and educators! - and always go above and beyond to make sure that our community looks vibrant, safe and attractive. Nasim Landscape is the epitome of exceptional service and integrity, standing by their work. We sincerely appreciate the hard work and effort they have put in this past year. We look forward to our continued successful of partnership!
Logan Seelye
Logan Seelye
Nasim Landscape is a wonderful company to work with. They have integrity and stand by their work. We had them do quite a bit of work at our home, as they were there for about a week installing plants, flowers, trees and moving a lot of dirt. Everyone I spoke with seemed genuine and thoughtful in their advice and knowledge. I highly recommend Nasim to anyone looking for a professional landscaping company!
Cedar Gardens
Cedar Gardens
Nasim Landscaping has brought so much beauty back to our community! I am the community director of a property in Federal Way. Project Manager Frumencio Cruz helped me completely transform this community into a place where everyone is proud to call home again. They are on time, professional, and deliver exactly what they propose in their bids for services. Mr. Cruz is a problem solver and he found options to keep us running smoothly with lighting and irrigation. Our combined efforts have been noticed by police safety officers, the pest control specialists, and the whole community. Thank you so much Nasim Landscaping!

Ready to enhance your property with sustainable solutions? Call Nasim Landscape at (253) 988-0165 now to get started on your custom stone retaining wall project!

Got Questions?

Various types of stone can be used for retaining walls, including granite, limestone, and sandstone, each offering unique aesthetic and structural benefits.

Regular maintenance is recommended to ensure the wall remains in optimal condition, with inspections and minor repairs as needed.

Preparing for a retaining wall installation involves clearing the area, ensuring proper drainage, and consulting with a professional to plan the design and layout.

Yes, stone retaining walls can be customized to fit your specific needs and aesthetic preferences, including the type of stone, design, and additional features.

With proper construction and maintenance, a stone retaining wall can last for decades, providing long-term support and beauty to your landscape.