Stone Retaining Wall Kent


Rockery walls have always been a popular landscaping feature. Whether made a part of an elaborate rockery installation or put up as a stand-alone wall, a rockery wall tends to add a unique aesthetic element to the landscape.

At Nasim Landscape, we design and install rockery walls in Kent, WA properties. Our company has been meeting all the landscaping needs of this community since 1998 and the vast multitude of services that we provide includes rockery wall construction.

Property owners can hire us for building rockery walls for aesthetic as well as functional application. The key purposes for which we install rockery walls in Kent properties are for:

  • Holding back soil and installing plantings on a sloped land
  • Add a rustic look to the landscape
  • Creating an eye-catching focal point in the yard
  • Providing privacy to the property

Get in touch with us today to discuss your rockery wall ideas and get that rockery wall installation project started.

Rockery Kent


We are one of the most sought-after stone retaining wall contractors for Kent properties. With the region characterized by sloped land, many properties face soil erosion problems which make it difficult to landscape the yard.

We offer our stone retaining wall construction to eliminate the erosion issues so that foliage can thrive and sustain in such yards. Our services as stone retaining wall contractors are also available for property owners who want natural rock retaining wall installed for:

  • Creating a terraced yard
  • Providing unique seating spaces in the outdoors
  • Separating different landscape features

Our extensive experience as rockery retaining wall contractors has honed our skills to perfection. The technicians employed by our landscaping company know how to build the right stone retaining wall on a slope.

Kent Retaining Wall Contractors


It is important to have your stone retaining wall constructed by proven pros. A structure poorly built by inexperienced rockery retaining wall contractors does not just look bad but can caused extensive damage to the yard.

If you do not want a collapsed rockery wall to destroy the landscape, hire us as your residential or commercial retaining wall contractors in the Kent area. We:

  • Work professionally to make a solid stone retaining wall
  • Make sure there are no drainage issues later on
  • Follow the local codes for retaining wall construction

Nasim Landscape is one of the most accomplished, affordable and dependable rockery retaining wall contractors to serve the Kent area. Call 206-809-7877 to schedule a job.