Stone Retaining Wall Spanaway


A beautifully landscaped yard adds tremendous value to the property. A striking landscaping involves a combination of lush vegetation and elegant hardscape elements. One of these hardscape features is a rockery wall.

Generally, installation of rockery walls in Spanaway, WA properties is done to prevent soil erosion in a yard with sloping land. However, sometimes a rockery wall can also be constructed just to create a unique, artistic and attractive focal point in the yard.

No matter why you are interested in getting a rockery wall built in your Spanaway property, let Nasim Landscape handle the project. As the leading retaining wall contractor in the area, we specialize in making cosmetic rockery wall as well as natural stone retaining wall.

We are known for exquisite rockery wall designs that enhance residential and commercial landscapes. Moreover, all our rockery wall installations are:

  • Done with quality products
  • Designed to stay strong for years to come
  • Constructed by trained and experienced technicians

Rockery Spanaway


A majority of our jobs as retaining wall contractors involve the design and construction of rockery walls. The overwhelming preference for stone retaining wall among Spanaway property owners is because of the amazing benefits that a natural rock retaining wall offers over other options such as brick or timber walls.

A stone retaining wall:

  • Tends to be sturdy and durable
  • Is impervious to pests and moisture
  • Holds the soil in place
  • Stands up to the harsh weather conditions year-round

The problem is that building a stone retaining wall on a slope is not a job any landscaping contractor can do. There is more to installing a rockery retaining wall than stacking up some boulders. You need to hire specialist retaining wall contractors like us to build a sturdy, functional and reliable rockery wall.

Spanaway Retaining Wall Contractors


We pride ourselves as customer-friendly retaining wall contractors. Our services as residential and commercial retaining wall contractors in Spanaway are focused as much on customer satisfaction as on flawless rockery wall construction.

We go all out to provide the finest possible services to all the property owners who hire us as their stone retaining wall installers. We assure them of:

  • Fair prices
  • On-time, within-budget job completion
  • Hassle-free, thoroughly professional services

Turn to Nasim Landscape for consultation on rockery wall design or for stone retaining wall installation services. Call 253-799-0924 to get in touch with the leading retaining wall contractor in the Spanaway area.