Stone Retaining Wall Tacoma


Give your outdoor living spaces a beautiful make-over with a rockery wall installation. A visually striking structure made of boulders of different shapes and sizes, rockery walls adds rugged character to any yard.

Installation of rockery wall in Tacoma, WA properties is not done just for aesthetic reasons but also for functional purposes. You can have a rockery or stone retaining wall constructed in your yard to:

  • Hold back the soil and prevent its erosion
  • Resolve grading issues in a sloped yard
  • Optimize the area available for landscaping

Call Nasim Landscape if you are looking for retaining wall contractors known across Tacoma for expertise in rockery wall design and installation. We have been serving the community as retaining wall contractors since 1998 and have extensive experience in building rockery walls in residential as well as commercial properties.

Rockery Tacoma


While there are several options in building materials for retaining walls, natural rocks or stone boulders are probably the most popular. Nothing matches the old-world charm and distinctive look that a stone retaining wall brings to your Tacoma property.

Do not worry if you do not have a sprawling yard that with space for elaborate rockery installation. We can help you add hardy rock to contrast with the delicate foliage by installing a stone retaining wall just right for your property.

Building a stone retaining wall on a slope is not an easy job. It calls for professionals with specialized knowledge and skills. Our technicians are experienced in making a stone retaining wall of any dimension and can be trusted to create rockery walls that:

  • Are straight and stable
  • Have proper drainage system
  • Long lasting

We also perform stone retaining wall repair work to restore the strength and appearance of damaged rockery walls.

Tacoma Retaining Wall Contractors


We are proud to be the leading retaining wall contractor in the Tacoma region. Property owners who want the rockery wall in their yard to look great and function even better need not look at the other retaining wall contractors!

They should simply call us. Hiring us as rockery retaining wall contractors assures them of services that combine the best in:

  • Materials
  • Workmanship
  • Pricing
  • Customer support

On all ours jobs as residential or commercial retaining wall contractors, we surpass the highest industry standards and exceed the customer expectations.

Need professional and affordable services for rockery or stone retaining wall installation in your Tacoma property? Call Nasim Landscape, the most reputable retaining wall contractors around! Call 253-799-0924.