Water Features Edgewood


Water features are a must in a landscaped yard, if it is big enough. Outdoor water fountains, fish ponds, backyard waterfalls, water gardens, and swimming pools are some elements that you could have installed on your property. No matter what you prefer, the water features are sure to make an excellent addition to the aesthetics of the yard.

Get in touch with Nasim Landscape if you are interested in having one or more outdoor water features at your Edgewood, WA property that will:

  • Add a dash of sophistication to your outdoor space
  • Create a serene environment on your property
  • Improve the air quality around the place
  • Reduce the jarring outside noises

You may not realize, but properties that have outdoor water fountains or backyard waterfalls command a better price in the real estate market. Regardless of your motivation for investing in water features on your Edgewood property, let our landscaping company handle the job.

Outdoor Water Fountains Edgewood


Installation of outdoor water fountains is best left to trained, experienced, and well-equipped professionals. No matter how simple and small or elaborate and large the outdoor water fountains have to be, even the most passionate do-it-yourselfers would be better off having trained experts working on the job.

We are the name to rely on when it comes to installing outdoor water fountains on Edgewood properties. Our technicians are proven pros at installation of water features and there are beautiful outdoor water fountains in numerous properties all around to showcase their exceptional skills. These include:

  • Bubbling urns
  • Jet fountains
  • Stone garden fountains
  • Floor outdoor fountains

Contact us today to learn more about the different options in outdoor water fountains and discuss what would work best for your yard.

Backyard Waterfalls Edgewood


The idea of a private waterfall for their exclusive enjoyment is one that appeals to all property owners. Not surprisingly, backyard waterfalls are among the most popular outdoor water features.

Our landscaping company specializes in creating beautiful backyard waterfalls on Edgewood properties. We offer highly customized services to install backyard waterfalls that suit the space availability, personal preference, and budgetary limitations of every client. Our landscapers can work around the backyard waterfall ideas of the customer or suggest their own.

We can install:

  • Backyard waterfalls and ponds
  • Pondless waterfalls
  • Big and small backyard waterfalls

For installation of all types of water features, including backyard waterfalls and outdoor water fountains, Edgewood residents should call Nasim Landscape at (253) 988-0165.