Water Features Federal Way


With the addition and installation of outdoor water features to your landscape you can increase the value and curb appeal with an extraordinary stone garden fountain as a focal point, or the creation of a unique private retreat in your backyard with a garden pond to enjoy with family and friends.

Our creative design team can assist you in determining the functional and aesthetic elements for an installation that will work harmoniously to provide the overall effect and beauty of your landscape. For example, you may wish to consider:

  • An eco-pond system for attracting wildlife, birds and butterflies
  • A magnificent large outdoor water fountain to emphasize your entryway
  • Backyard waterfalls and pond with distinctive stonework features
  • A customized wall-mounted water wall to accent your patio
  • A peaceful Koi pond

Call us today to discuss how our professional installations of water features can create a distinctive landscape appearance and benefit the surroundings of your home in Federal Way.

Outdoor Water Fountains Federal Way


Every landscape in Federal Way that is meticulously cared for can benefit from a magnificent, tall outdoor water fountain!

With the assistance of our design professionals who are known in the area for their artistic creative abilities, we can help create a focal point in your courtyard or circular drive with a freestanding, tiered or wall-mounted fountain installation.

Whether we are transforming your private retreat in the backyard or bringing a level of elegance and formality with an installation in your front yard surrounded by beautiful roses and a perfectly manicured lawn, you can enjoy the benefits of:

  • An installation that blends in naturally with the architectural design of your home and landscape
  • An increase in property value and curb appeal
  • Low maintenance of a professional assembly and installation
  • An artistically creative team that can deliver an optimal design
  • An experienced contractor with the capability of installing power systems, water sources, and lighting options

Call us to help you sort through the broad range of options, including the best location and a recommended size that will be proportionate to your landscape surroundings and home.

Federal Way Backyard Waterfalls


As professionals in landscape and irrigation management serving Federal Way, we can completely transform the environment of your private retreat by bringing the soothing sounds and peaceful tranquility of backyard waterfalls and ponds.

Whether you prefer a formal or informal style, our creative design team can bring the relaxing sound of moving water into your landscape with a natural appearance.

Having a professional team of experts, the style will beautifully complement the architectural design of your home and landscape. These are a few other careful considerations to ensure a magnificent setting:

  • Designing the waterfall in scale with the pond
  • Building on a slope to provide the most natural presence
  • Increasing pond depth at the point of waterfall to avoid excessive splash and water loss
  • Establishing a height that will amplify the sound

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