Water Features Fife


Water features in gardens not only add class to your property but also enhance the value of your property. Additionally, water features in your garden invite wildlife. Birds, butterflies, and several other animals are attracted to the refreshing atmosphere with a water source.

Nasim Landscape offers installation of water features in Fife, WA. We can add a variety of water features including outdoor water fountains and waterfalls to enhance the beauty of your Fife garden. Allowing a professional work on water features has many benefits:

  • Professionally designed and constructed water features have low maintenance
  • Excellent water quality
  • Innovative look

Enhance the beauty of your existing landscape or add a new outdoor water fountain for an attractive and relaxing place to enjoy. You can call us anytime for a free estimate.

Outdoor Water Fountains Fife


We provide custom fountain designs and consultation which can help you get the ultimate in backyard waterfalls, outdoor water fountain, and other water features with a unique look that you can enjoy for years. Did you know that there are great options for outdoor water fountains? You can choose from various kinds like:

  • Disappearing fountain
  • Self-contained fountain
  • Solar fountain
  • Stone garden fountain

Be sure to call us for our professional advice if you need help with deciding on the right kind of outdoor water fountain, backyard waterfalls and other water features that suits your garden.

Fife Backyard Waterfalls


A backyard waterfall can completely change the way your property looks. Installing a backyard waterfall will give you a place to relax and enjoy an outdoor lifestyle.

The trickling and gurgling sound from the falling water soothes the mind. Additionally, a well-designed backyard waterfall and other water features will convert your backyard into a private retreat to enjoy and unwind with friends and family.

If you always thought building water features on your property was extremely expensive we can show you how to install small backyard waterfalls:

  • At a low cost
  • With the assorted options available
  • That fit your property well

You don’t need a huge property to install a beautiful backyard waterfall or other water features. We can help you choose the right one that suits you’re the size of your home or business.

Nasim Landscape Fife install water features for residents of Fife, including outdoor water fountains, ponds, and backyard waterfalls. Call us at (253) 988-0165 to find out how easy it is to install a water feature.