Water Features Kent


You may have a meticulously manicured landscape with beautiful flower beds, plants and bushes, but it lacks a stunning visual effect.

As professionals in landscape and irrigation management, we may have the answer for you. By installing tasteful types of water features to your landscape in Kent, we can add that final magnificent touch!

We have an artistically creative design team with a passion for transforming existing landscapes using installations of outdoor water features to create a distinctively unique appearance, texture, sound and movement.

You may prefer beauty over function, but you can have the benefits of both when you hear the tranquil sounds of water and the attraction of wildlife to your yard. These are a few examples you may wish to consider:

  • Color-changing backyard waterfalls and pond
  • A new ecosystem garden pond to attract natural wildlife
  • A serene Koi pond
  • A magnificent stone garden fountain
  • A dramatic water wall on your outdoor patio

Call us to assist you with innovative ideas for water features installations that will make you and your visitors feel good!

Outdoor Water Fountains Kent


When working with our professional design team and expert craftsmen, you can expect innovative water features with perfect placement and a high-quality installation to add value to your landscape investment in Kent, and a wonderful sense of tranquility and character.

Whether we install a stand-alone natural stone outdoor water fountain in your circular drive, a dramatic wall hanging unit, tiered style with lights, or a cascading garden style, you can experience numerous benefits:

  • Relaxing sounds enjoyed by people and wildlife
  • The spectacular sight of cascading water
  • Exquisite visual display
  • Serenity and tranquility
  • Air quality improvement

As a client-oriented company, we take great pride in developing creative ideas and turning them into reality. If you find a sense of tranquility in the sound of water, call us for a fountain installation!

Kent Backyard Waterfalls


Hearing the soothing sound of water moving over the cascades of backyard waterfalls into ponds or deeper wells brings a luxurious sense of serenity and tranquility. If you can dream it, we can install it!

We are a professional landscape and irrigation management company with an incredibly creative design team and expert craftsmen that can bring amazing landscape design elements to your outdoor living spaces.

Among the favored outdoor elements of our clients is the incorporation of a backyard waterfalls and pond utilizing multiple cascades. To deliver a beautiful and proper installation, we:

  • Recommend a design based on your landscape and architectural home design
  • Define your waterfalls design style; i.e., water pouring vertically over a cliff, sheet style with water coming from a wide stream, slide style that maintains continuous contact with the bedrock, or plunge style coming from a narrow stream and losing contact with the rocks
  • Establish the proper height of your waterfalls to minimize water loss and amplify the sound
  • Carefully design a greater area of depth where the water meets the surface to avoid excessive splash and water loss

Call Nasim Landscape for a high level of design creativity and high-quality installations in Kent. 253-988-0165