Water Features Orting


Everyone will agree that outdoor water fountains, swimming pools, water gardens, backyard waterfalls, and ponds improve the aesthetics of the yard. However, beautification is not the only benefit offered by outdoor water features. There are several other ways in which the addition of water features on Orting, WA properties enrich the daily life of property owners.

Water elements in the landscaping also have an incredible impact on your physical and mental wellbeing. This improvement comes through:

  • Visual pleasure
  • Gentle, calming, meditative sound of water
  • Better air quality in the surroundings

No wonder properties that have incorporated water features in the yard fetch a higher resale price than those with routine landscaping.

At Nasim Landscape, we specialize in creating various types of water features. Orting residents who wish to bring the melodious sound of nature to their yards should contact us today to learn about all the water features that can be made a part of their outdoor living space.

Outdoor Water Fountains Orting


With their elegant looks, outdoor water fountains tend to become the centerpiece of the yards they are installed in. Fountains are undoubtedly the most popular outdoor water features. This is because the versatile outdoor water fountains can be installed in any type of setting and in yards of any size.

Our landscaping company is capable of fulfilling all requirements for outdoor water fountains in the Orting area. We can help with setting up small or large outdoor water fountains:

  • In a garden
  • Near the driveway
  • Right next to the entrance of a home
  • Outside a business

We can construct stylish modern outdoor fountains as well as traditional sculpted or stone garden fountains. Our technicians can even install solar garden fountains that can work in the winter months as well.

Orting Backyard Waterfalls


We create backyard waterfalls for Orting residents who want to add a distinctive water element to their landscape. With our imaginative professionals coming up with unique backyard waterfall ideas, we make sure that no two backyard waterfalls look the same.

Our technicians give personalized attention to each job. They work hard at constructing backyard waterfalls that are exactly what the client wants with respect to:

  • Height and size
  • Style
  • Characteristics

We can construct large or small backyard waterfalls, with single or multiple tiers. These can be made pondless or combined with a pond.

Call Nasim Landscape at (253) 988-0165 to discuss your needs for outdoor water fountains or backyard waterfalls in Orting.