Water Features South Hill


If you are interested in giving your landscape a lively and fresh look, you should think of adding outdoor water fountains or backyard waterfalls.

These water features will add to your yard and make your landscape look beautiful. But to have them installed properly and look the way you envisioned you should work with a professional landscaping company.

We at Nasim Landscape offer high quality professional landscaping services adding water features for South Hill, WA residents. We are experienced and know how to build water features that will make your property:

  • Look beautiful
  • Increase in value
  • Have a stylish and sophisticated look

There are many types of water features available for yards. We will work closely with you, understand your vision for your yard and suggest the one that will fit best into your landscaping plans. Our work is guaranteed and will give you years of beautiful, soothing enjoyment of your custom water feature.

Outdoor Water Fountains South Hill


Adding outdoor water fountains to your landscape will increase the usability of the area. You can sit by the outdoor water fountains or by backyard waterfalls and enjoy a book, chat with your friend or simply enjoy the afternoon sun.

We promise that the area would become one of your favorite places to be and you will love spending time outdoors. As an experienced company that has been installing outdoor water fountains for South Hill residents, we can be relied upon as we:

  • Have the right equipment
  • Consistently train our staff
  • Work with the best materials

We have several styles of outdoor water fountains including ones that are tall, large, run on solar, or those that are just right for small spaces. You simply need to tell us about your vision for your water fountain and your budget and we will handle the rest.

South Hill Backyard Waterfalls


Backyards are often the last thought when planning to landscape. Adding backyard waterfalls and ponds will give your backyard an updated, fun, and relaxing look you want. You can rely on us for installing backyard waterfalls in South Hill as we:

  • Have several backyard waterfall ideas
  • Use only quality backyard waterfalls kits
  • Know how to build just the backyard waterfall you want

We are known for our superior workmanship and affordable pricing for installing backyard waterfalls in South Hill.

For any questions about the installation of water features in South Hill call Nasim Landscape at (253) 988-0165.

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