Water Features Spanaway


Adding water elements to your landscape creates a look that is beautiful and refreshing. When you have outdoor water fountains or backyard waterfalls they become the center of attraction in your yard.

Nasim Landscape is the leading company offering their services for the installation of water features in Spanaway, WA. As an established company, we offer the following besides adding water features:

  • Landscape services
  • Irrigation system installation
  • Land clearing
  • Lawn restorations

You can trust our skilled and trained technicians for the thorough and efficient installation of your outdoor water features. If you are confused regarding the types of water features to select to make your yard look wonderful, we can help. We will help you choose the best features that will add beauty to your landscape and be affordable.

Outdoor Water Fountains Spanaway


Adding large outdoor water fountains will make your yard the best-looking place on your property. You can entertain guests, spend mornings and evenings listening to the sounds of water or just relax by the water.

We have been installing outdoor water fountains for Spanaway residents for a long time. You can trust us for our installation services as we use the best:

  • Equipment
  • Materials
  • Techniques

With us as the company for installing water features in your landscape, you need not worry about anything. We will help you choose the right outdoor water fountains so that your lawn looks beautiful. We specialize in installing outdoor water fountains for small lawns as well.

Spanaway Backyard Waterfalls


With the number of companies offering services for installing backyard waterfalls in Spanaway, choosing the best one can be a challenging task. However, to make your backyard look its best, you must research and choose professionals that understand installing backyard waterfalls.

The following factors will help you choose the best company for installing backyard waterfalls:

  • Years of experience
  • Quality of materials used
  • Reputation and reliability
  • Pricing

We are the ideal company to choose for installing backyard waterfalls and ponds in Spanaway as we possess all these qualities. We use only quality backyard waterfalls materials so that they work effortlessly for a long time. If you have a small backyard, we will help you design the right small backyard waterfall.

If you want any type of water features for your yard and you want the assistance of an experienced company that is proficient in landscaping Spanaway properties, choose Nasim Landscape at (253) 988-0165.